Malcolm ML night fighter (Spec.F.18/40)


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6 September 2006
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Can anyone help, please, and identify this?
Found unlabelled among my ships copies!


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This is the ML night fighter ,Smurf.

Is was designed to Spec.F.18/40 by R.Malcolm Ltd. of Slough, U.K.
Designation ML stood for initials of the designers name , Marcel Lobelle.

M.J.O. Lobelle , a Belgian refugee in WW I , became chief designer
at Fairey and joining Malcolm just before WW II.
Thanks vry much, Lark. Now I know where to look among the rest of my stuff!
It was a pleasure.If you need me to , I can send
you some specs.

I saw a drawing to this aircraft,but I can't remember where ?.
in : The Turret Fighters' by Alec Brew- Crowood....
Hi all
I'm curious !!
from " British secret projects fighters and bombers"
list of the spec 18/40 competitors ?


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lark said:
in : The Turret Fighters' by Alec Brew- Crowood....

Thank you my dear Lark,

and yes it is,and for my dear Toura,the Malcolm aircraft was submitted to F18/40 as
in the same source.


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Bonjour hasan

Well, if I understand my list is not complete !
Thank you-Bye
Bit additional info.

A simillarly powered (same engines as the Boulton Paul P.97) twinboom fighter was also designed
to Spec.F18/40 by R.Malcolm Ltd. of Slough.
It was designated the M.L.Night Fighter,using the intials of it's designer
Marcel Lobelle. M.J.O.Lobelle has been a Belgian refugee during WWI, and had become
Fairey's chief designer in 1924,joining R.Malcolm Ltd. just before the war.
The ML. Night Fighter was submitted for consideration in January 1941 and had a far
more radical engine and armament layout than the P.97. etc...

page 103 of the afore mentioned book.
Title changed.

Interesting design, not really a turret fighter, more in the class of the Bell Airacuda,
I think. Really strange for a twin boom is the fin placed on the tail. An unnecessary
structural complexity, to my opinion.
Indeed Jens,

There should have been a planned version with
a nosewheel u.c. also , but no illustration
was found yet...
My dear Tophe makes a wonderful drawing to it,

many great thanks to him and God bless him.


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