Main Propulsion Gas Turbines in the Royal Navy - 1970

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Apr 22, 2012
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A great article, curiously in a Dutch magazine, about Gas Turbines in the Royal Navy can be found here in the SWZ Maritime PDF archive. It was written by a Royal Navy officer and covers most of the history of RN interest in gas turbines for marine propulsion, up to that point, in some detail including plenty of technical details and charts. It describes the evolution of both the Olympus and Tyne and describes the differences between the different variants. There is an artists impression of the Type 42 and plenty of marine GT photographs. From a secret projects perspective there is discussion of a possible marine RB.211 and how it could be used in frigates to create a more efficient plant. This article makes for an interesting comparison with the 1963 article linked to and discussed in the 1960s Bundesmarine Olympus-powered Warship thread.

I have attached the document in case this archive goes the same way as Flight Global's.


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