Looking for SSBN-598 Washington class sub drawings

I found that one (actually from the globalsecurity.org website, via GIS), but it's not near good enough. Sadly, it's the *only* drawing I've found. I was promised some scans, but they never arrived. :-[
Greg Sharpe from www.deepseadesigns.net (RIP) has have some exciting blueprints for sale - not sure of GW class. But site is gone...
Site worked for me - the LA Class link is:


Would be interesting to know the reasons behind the decidely different sail designs between US and USSR subs. Is it a reflection of the USSR's home base/operational area being more ice covered, hence the shorter and broader sail design?

HTH! Mark
You might want to ask around here:


I suppose if they don't have some drawings there aren't any in the public domain!
from famous and damn expensive 'U.S. Submarines Since 1945 - An Illustrated Design History' by Norman Friedman (Naval Institute Press, 1994)


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Got good Skipjack drawings...if it could help, let me know. But difference between Skipjack and GW (Skipjack with 'Sherwood Forest') are obviuous. At least nose/tail geometry is the same.

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