Les Avions & Engins Martin. 1909-1971


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22 January 2006
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A new guide from Minidocavia is here. Number 25 is Les Avions & Engins Martin. 1909-1971 by Alain Pelletier.
84 pages with 160 models covered (a few number of unbuilt projects included too).

Still not available from amazon.fr so I'm waiting to order a copy. I'll post the index as soon as I receive it.
Received it today. Here is the list of described unbuilt designs:

Martin 142 1934
Martin 145 (B-15) 1934
Martin 145 (XB-16) 1934
Martin 151 (medium bomber) 1935
Martin 151 (airliner) 1935
Martin 164 1941
Martin 178 1941
Martin 182 (XB-27) 1939
Martin 189 1941
Martin 189 (XB-33) 1941
Martin 190 (XB-33A Super Marauder) 1942
Martin 201 1946
Martin 203 (Tokyo Express) 1943
Martin 210 (JR2M-1 Mercury) 1949
Martin 216 1944
Martin 230 1948
Martin 235 1947
Martin 245 1949
Martin 247 1948
Martin 262 1950
Martin 268 1950
Martin 302 (XB-68) 1956
Martin 313 (P7M Sub Master) 1956
Martin 316 (XB-68) 1956
Martin 329 1952
Martin 331 1953
Martin COIN 1963
Martin DynaSoar 1959
Martin Astroplane 1961
Martin Astrorocket 1962
Martin Spacemaster 1967
Martin Shuttle HCR & LCR 1969

Another lovely&concise Minidocavia guide from Mr Alain Pelletier. I recomend it ;)

Yes, but the "Model 302" is a real blunder... First, that's WS-302A, the TBX program, NOT Model 302. Second, the airplane pictured is the one identified in Jones' "Us Bombers" as XB-68, but probably neither a Martin nor a bomber. Alain should have really kept this out, his book would have been interesting all the same....

For more info:

pometablava said:
Received it today. Here is the list of described unbuilt designs:

Martin 145 (B-15) 1934
Martin 210 (JR2M-1 Mercury) 1949
Martin 302 (XB-68) 1956

Three mistakes in this listing, which is fairly frequent in Pelletier's Mini Docavia books...

  • The Martin 145 (in both configurations) was the B-16... the B-15 was the Boeing 294!
  • Whatever the JR2M-1 Mercury might have been (I'm pretty curious about that one!) it couldn't be the Martin 210 because that is the BTM/AM Mauler!
  • The Martin 302 was an interceptor project... it is the classic confusion with WS-302A, a program for which Martin's Model 316 was submitted...
A little update since yesterday: thanks to Elmayerle, I stand corrected on the "Mercury", which WAS indeed a proposed variant of the Mauler (Carrier Onboard Delivery), so the Model 210 designator is correct after all...
If anyone here has current access to Lockheed-Martin's photo archives, there is a drawing of the "Mercury" in there. Unfortunately, I no longer am employed by them and, thus, no longer have access.
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