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22 January 2006
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Just love this magazine! They are sometimes harsh with the french aviation history (in the first page, they slaughter the new part of the Bourget Museum) but they are very brilliant. I think their way of thinking is something like "hum. This is the popular, well done, official history. but the truth is not there... here it is, in our pages! Main exemple of this philosophy : Amiens jail bombing by the Mosquitos in February 1944. The aim was not freeing french prisonneers, but more preventing datas about "overlord" to be spread, and impressed the German by a precision bombing...

Concerning the magazine this month, the article about the OTAN LWF fighter competition of 1957 is harsh, purely their style. what they say is the Fiat was selectioned not because it was the best, but for political reasons.

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