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31 May 2007
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It's a excellent book.
Very beautiful book but I can't see lots of unbuilt designs to justify my order. When refering to French books I need good reasons to balance their traditional high cost.

Why French books cost much more than similar English books ???
Yes this is a very expensive book. It's price is 62 Euros. In Japan, it's price is 82 to 97 Euros!! Unfortunately Amazon Japan don't treat this book.
I think this book(328 pages) is worthy for it's rather high price nevertheless I can't read French. ;D
This book include following items,
1.Factory drawings such as,
①Mystere ⅩⅩⅡ,②Mystere ⅩⅩⅥ,③Etendard Ⅱ,④Etendard Ⅳ(A,M,R),⑤Etendard ⅣE(2 seat version),⑥Etendard Ⅵ
2.Atar 08 engine cross section drawings and pictures.
3. Very detailed 3 side view line drawings of Etendard ⅣM.
4.Very detailed 3 side view colored drawings of Etendard ⅣM.
5.Many color and black white pictures(including operational pictures of Etendar ⅣM on Clemenceau and Foch) and technical drawings of Etendard variants.
6.Technical description.
7.Service description in French Marine.
Etendard is a very happy plane.
Please enjoy the movie named 'LE CIEL SUR LA TETE (1964)'.


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here french publisher home page
Volume 1
Volume 2
click on Magnifier glass to get 20 page preview
and you can buy the books online (the orange label "Acheter")
so €124 is allot of money, but Wat you get it's worth it !

pometablava said:
Why French books cost much more than similar English books ???

that usual Bussines at french publisher :'(
first buy the Rights from Author, then pay High printing cost of low Quantity,
then Divert payment to the retailers and associations, and of course the French Tax
also High payment to Author and illustrator or photographer publish in Book B)
and there the problem that the Major retailers only pay per Quarter (4 time per year)
so the publisher need a high prise to get fast profit, if retailers pay !

i know French small publisher who sell pocketbooks for €92 !
the other extrem is the Publisher EONS a SF and Fantasy books, with a low prise for France
I don't think its an excessive price for a specialist book, and Britain is fairly unique in zero rating books for VAT I think. Here in NZ we have to pay 12.5%, which combined with the fact that most books have to be imported and lower salaries means its really expensive to buy books.
I’ve been looking for this book... (especially Tome1). Not easy to find. Anyone have a copy to sell?

Happy to return it after I’ve read it, if someone doesn’t want to part with it permanently. Thanks!

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