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26 May 2006
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From Denmark,

Skandinvisk aircraft,

KZ-V :twin engined light transport aircraft,project only.
KZ-VI :four seat light aircraft,project only.
KZ-XI :single seat agricultural aircraft,project only.
Hi all,

all of you know the series of light aircraft built by Kramme & Zeuthen in Denmark. But anybody of you have more informations (drawings and technical data) for the projects K.Z. V (Transport), K.Z. VI (Touring) and K.Z. XI (Agar)?

Servus Maveric
Hi all,

I search for drawings, artists impressions and technical data for the dansk aircraft projects by Kramme & Zeuthen.
1) KZ. V - twin-engined light transport aircraft
2) KZ. VI - four-seat light aircraft
3) KZ. XI - single-seat agricultural aircraft

Regards Maveric
Maybe I'm again bringing owls to Athens, as you may already have the latest issue
of FliegerRevue Extra yourself, but there's a photo of a model of the Kramme & Zeuthen
KZ.V, along with a very interesting article about danish aircraft manufacturers.


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Thanks Jemiba,

I have this issue of FliegerRevue Extra. But thanks, you´re welcome... ;)
Great find richard,

you make me happy. There is only one gap: the K.Z.XI.
Thanks again to Jemiba and richard... :p

And to make you more happy ,if possible ,here the KZ XI


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Kramme & Zeuthen founders of Skandinavisk Aero Industri :
( for information)
Hi all,
found this drawing of a Kramme & Zeuthen-project without other informations.


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Looks, as it should be fitted with a neon sign on the underside.
The complete Kramme & Zeuthen story is on:

Although it's not a project, here is a nice plan of the KZ.10 A.O.P. aircraft.


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Maveric said:
Hi all,
found this drawing of a Kramme & Zeuthen-project without other informations.

A more info about KZ aircraft as my dear Lark mention before;

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