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25 October 2007
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Hello guys,

I wonder if someone has some light to shed on this manufacturer`s project. It shares its RLM designation with the well-known Ta152, and is refered in "German Aircraft Industry and Production 1933-1945", page 286, by Ferenc Vajda and Peter Dancey.
I know that Hans Klemm had a difficult relationship with the RLM and despised the nazis and military aircraft, but the E63/64 projects are proof that something military was done at Klemm. Who knows?
The number 155 had previously been assigned to the Klemm firm but since it had not taken up the number the RLM reassigned it to Messerschmitt. At the same time, numbers 152, 153 and 154, which had also been allocated to Klemm but not used, were reassigned to Focke-WuIf.
In "Sportflugzeuge" Deutsche Luftfahrt Bd 23 the Klemm 152 is two engined civil plane .
Hi Richard,

nice to have you here. I don`t have my sources with me but I think that fits the Klemm Kl151. I believe there` s a book on Klemm. Does anyone have it?
The excellent Karlheinz KENS has written a book describing all the Klemm
In august it was not published
???No answer from Aviatik Verlag when I asked for the publication date
Hi Richard,

oddly enough, I tried to contact this editor several times, always without success. Nice customer service, don`t you agee? Nevertheless, this book will probably be a "must".
Judging from the two first "Historische deutsche Flugzeuge " I will buy the very first without looking inside !
Karlheinz KENS works on this book since the 80' !!!
richard said:
In "Sportflugzeuge" Deutsche Luftfahrt Bd 23 the Klemm 152 is two engined civil plane .
Yes, the Klemm Kl 152 project was a two engined version of the Kl 107 /Kl 151 family.
This civil plane was to be powered by two Hirth HM 506 engines.
The begin of WW2 stopped the development of this civil project.

Source: Hans Klemm - Pionier der Holzflugzeugbaus, Flieger Revue Extra 09, July 2005, pages 38-55


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