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11 March 2006
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Tidying up is boring and annoying, but ... sometimes you'll find again things,
you were missing for a long time.
Aeroplane Monthly had a competition in the August 1994 issue. In the attached
picture, you should find and name (!) 13 aircraft. Quite obvious are the B 29 in
the cart and the Spitfire in the back of the waggon on the left. Everytime I saw
this picture again, I searched again and I found 11 aircraft still yet.
Ok, it's a little bit too late, to win the price, nevertheless : Who of you can find
them all ?


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one more in the tree that I can't identify (He-100? Me-109?)
one over the tunnel (B-24?)
one in front of the girl - front view - can't identify (FW-190?)
something that looks like Lancaster (or Stirling?)

higher resolution would be helpful
Ok, if a moderator asks for ... ;)
It's a Cummings cartoon from a wartime aircraft recognition book
... and in the tree or bush above the cyclist, there's a Do 217 ...


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I think the "other" one in the tree is a Tony and there appears to be a Val on the train car (going away). I think there is a late model Junkers (188?) in the bush at the right of the picture as well.
I think the dog is drinking out of a Saro Lerwick.

"I think the dog is drinking out of a Saro Lerwick."
Good clue, if we accept this, we have twelve of the thirteen ! 8)
Unfortunately, I've never seen the solution ...
Thank you, Sferrin, and even in colour !
My own "control sheet" always was just with pencils marks .
I've just added Kellys Saro Lerwick. Is it, or is it not ?
To me, the cyclist lwlays was suspicious, but I couldn't find
anything in or around him ...


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Well the station guard on the platform in the very front is some kind of plane. The head is a tail fin and the arse is a canopy. Some sort of Yak fighter perhaps?
Cheers, Woody
It's Typhoon. Found in the second post already.
Here... we're up to 12, excluding Kelly's Saro Lerwick. I'm not 100% on that, but its the best candidate so far.


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overscan said:
Here... we're up to 12, excluding Kelly's Saro Lerwick. I'm not 100% on that, but its the best candidate so far.

If you count the train driver's moustach that's 13.
The cyclist's bike looks like some kind of early monoplane/biplane hidden in it somehow, but not quite.
Here is a more complete version and the key I made a few years back.

The quiz was scanned from 'Identification Friend or Foe' by Tim Hamilton, HMSO 1994.

1. FW 190
2. B-26
3. Ki 61
4. P-51
5. Ju 290
6. F4U
7. Ki 43
8. D3A
9. Do 217
10. Hurricane
11. Sunderland
12. B-29
13. Typhoon

Cheers, Jon


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Great, thank you !
Never thought, that the picture in Aeroplane Monthly wasn't
complete. Even then the Ki-43 in the cow is hard enough !

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