Japanese Special Attack Aircraft & Flying bombs


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17 February 2006
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I just finished reading 'Japanese Special Attack Aircraft&Flying bombs.

To start with,the least I can say is,this is an excellent book.
In several brief chapters , the reader is introduced in the history
and tradition of the 'special attack'
Of course,the main part of the book is devoted to the planes used
or proposed for this kind of warfare.Not only the familiar Navy and Army
aircraft,but also the lesser known and projected designs are described
and illustrated in great detail.Many photo's,a lot of them unseen before
and very detailed drawings give a clear view of their evolution.
The last chapters of the book deal with the remote controled flying bombs
and torpedos of the Japanese Navy and Army.
In a few cases,the well known 'X-factor' comes into play,but this is
mentioned as such by the authors.
The book concludes with a series of high quality colour profiles
and an extensive literature list.
There is no index,but a detailed and comprehensive contents table.

The authors must be congratulated with their profound research which
results in a very complete book.
Aimed at the English reading public,I'm convinced that it will become
a major reference work in the years to come.
Hi, lark

Thank you very much for your good words.

Thanks for that informative review Lark

I'm going to order my copy :)
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