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27 December 2005
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If anyone lives near Dallas and fancies a visit...

Summary and Analysis of Test Results for Low Speed 1974
Wind Tunnel Test 435 Canard Configuration Study Model (Part 1)

Vought Projects: General nd

Aircraft Corporation for its Division Lockheed- California Co.
V507 “Rough Order of Magnitude” 1968

VFX Pricing, V-507B Configuration 1968

Handwritten notes belonging to Clark on the Config VFX 1968

VFX Mockup and Display Area 1968

Report No. 2-50000/8R-1A, Vought Model V-507 nd

Vought Projects Fixed Wing VFX nd

Pentagon FX Presentation 1968

NASA debriefing comments relative to the VFX-1 1970

Among many others, including boxes of VSTOL projects.
Oh, my. I am going to have to wander over that way some time. I'll have to see if they're open on weekends.
I've been meaning to go check out the Braniff archives there at UT Dallas for sometime now as well as the Hughes Airwest corporate archive (a three-way airline merger still fascinates me)....looks like now there's THREE reasons to go head over there now.

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