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ISS construction, Challenger and SSTO documents


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Apr 5, 2006
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I have added eight new documents:
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-092, Mission 3A
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-097, Mission 4A
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-098, Mission 5A
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-100, Mission 2A
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-102, Mission 5A.1
ISS/Shuttle on-orbit configuration, STS-104, Mission 7A
THE Challenger memo: "Temperature Concern on SRM Joints"
"A Single Stage to Orbit Concept"

The first six are a continuation of the series that show CAD drawings of the ISS in great detail, as construction on it progressed. The Challenger document does not present drawings, but does present a historically interesting - and, frankly, kinda sad - demonstration of how the Morton Thiokol engineers foresaw trouble with Challenger the day before flight, and what management did about it; the last is a 1970 NASA design for a single stage to orbit vehicle (the "Gomersall SSTO") designed to fulfill the Space Shuttle role.

The ISS documents are available separately, or together at a reduced price for the package.


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