Interesting Items in ‘The Encyclopaedia of Modern Military Aircraft’


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6 September 2006
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I brought a book the other week quite cheap to fill a few gaps on my bookshelf and looking more closely at it does have some interesting photos which may interest some here. A well researched text that yields some interesting information and pictures. Most entries have a picture of the prototype or models.

The book is ‘The Encyclopaedia of Modern Military Aircraft’ edited by Paul Eden and published by Amber Books, ISBN 1-904687-84-9, Price £25.00 (got mine for £4.99 in a sale though!)

Some interesting photos/diagrams are; G-222TCM prototype, Bell TAH-1S/TAH-1F with PNVS system, AH-1G SMASH, 309 Kingcobra, AH-1 4BW, a photo of the Hughes Model 77 mock-up, a photo of the huge Douglas C-132 mock-up, the JKC-135A on winglet trials, a photograph of the first Mirage F-1 prototype with a Mirage IIIE nose, a couple of pictures and info on the YA-10B, a photo of the RF-111A, a photo of the F-14 mock-up created from the Design 303E model and still retaining Sparrow AAMs, photos of the Bell OH-4A and Hiller OH-5A, the OH-6A NOTAR prototype, one of the Have Blue wind tunnel test models, one of the MiG-25 project desk-top models with a flush cockpit behind the radar (may have illustrated in Butler’s Soviet Secret Projects), the MiG-29KU picture I mentioned elsewhere on this forum, a MiG-31 with winglets and several MiG-31M photos, the prototype Mi-8 with cockpit doors, photos of the Mil V-24 and all other Mi-24 variants, a photo of an early Northrop ATB design like the B-2 but with twin canted fins and V-shaped rear section, the grotesque Japanese UF-XS based on the Grumman UF-2 with two extra engines and a cut-about fuselage, a photo of the high-speed NH-3A and an early design study drawing for the Su-25 (like the final design but different from the T-8).

Note these are the most interesting but there are loads of other good close-ups and views of most other types too. Overall well worth the money if you lack up-to-date info on your bookshelf.

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