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13 February 2008
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The HK-1 or H-4 Hercules/Spruce-Goose was to my knowledge also known as the HFB-1.

I remember hearing about something in regards to him planning to build an even larger flying boat called the HFB-2. I checked google and I can't find anything...

Does anybody have anything on this?
If 'H' is standing for Hughes and 'HK' Hughes-Kaiser
than 'D' can stand for Duramold ?

D-2 Duramold design 2
The D-1 could be the twin finned design shown in the Hughes D-2 thread
but I think this file must be in the designation system chapter.
The book Concept Aircraft by Jim Winchester mentions HFB-2 in its entry about the H-4 Spruce Goose. Also note that D-3 was intended as a convoy protector/destroyer and interceptor.

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