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Ruairidh MacVeigh

Published on Apr 18, 2020
Welcome back! :D

Once again, we venture into the realm of cars, and take a look at a machine that has been taken for granted for over 60 years. The Austin FX4 Black Cab was originally designed to last 10 years, but instead spent nearly four decades in production, with every attempt made to replace it failing one after the other.
At about 1:50, we learn that it was not unknown to bring your owl to Parliament as long as it was properly leashed.
Also. I remember talking over lunch to a gentleman whose business was providing parts and services to people in the US who owned London taxis. Apparently, after a few overhauls, the average FX4 retains few of the parts it had when it was new, and any maintenance manual can be considered a work of fiction.
A common claim in London

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