Hispano Aviación HA-200 Saeta VTOL

Es de bien nacido el ser agradecido: ¡muchíííííísimas gracias!

What a marvel!. I knew nothing about this project. Even there is no mention in the Hispano Aviación Story book :eek:

Roberto, can you add any info about the dates, tech data and historic background...every bit of info would be welcome :)
From "Flugzeug Classic" 1/2006
...Spain too feared an atom attack and during 1962/3 contacts were made with HASA ,Rolls Royce and INTA
to create an experimental VTOL based on the Saeta and powered by 2x RR RB 162 and 2xMarboré

Later this should conduct to a VSTOL attack plane and a light STOL transporter
With the purchase of numerous and cheap F 86,among others reasons,Spain lost interest and the program was cancelled
Sorry for the bad translation
Thanks a lot Richard!

Franco feared nuclear attack...mmm...from Est or West? ;D
Very, very interesting. It's a surprise knew that about my own country.

I repeat sending the early drawing to HA-200 VTOL aircraft project,because hard
to get it from the thread.


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Thanks Paul. Strangely enough that image made me wonder how it would have made out in the Falklands...

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