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27 December 2008
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Just though id post a note of hello and intoduce myself to you all , im a 37 year old rc heli flyer , ive been crashing them for around 5 years now , mainly 450 size helis which is a lithium polymer battery powered heli around 630mm length .The reason i joined was really because i came upon this site by accident and ended up spending a few hours just reading through the many threads on here , found it quite interesting and thought i might be able to benefit from some of your help and advice on a project i decided to set my self.
To cut a long story short i decided i would like to try and build a card/paper/blasa model of the rah-66 comanche helicopter to fit around one of my rc helis , i have seen this done before but unfortunately the guy who had done it was no longer a member of the forums, so despite my best efforts to get in contact with him im basically still stood at the starting block. This is were this site entered :) while i was searching for schematics of the comanche , now i begin the long process of designing the model with autoca or 3dsmax into a low as possible polygon count as possible so that i can import it into pepakura ( a paper modeling program ) to print out and finally beable to clothe my heli as i want lol , a very long shot indeed for this novice.

Anyway i just though id introduce myself and let you know why im here, hopefully some of you maybe able to throw me some hints and tips to help me on my way , and of course i didnt want to appear rude and just start poking around and asking questions especially to some of the modellers you have on here.

Thanks for reading this jumbled mess of an intro lol


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