HAWA F 10/12

The link says "Hannover Typ 12 twin-engined triplane project designed in 1919 (Air Pictorial 1971)". Interesting while... visibility may be the most awful that I have ever seen... Funny, thanks!
Another German manufacturer, which was during the time of WW I mainly busy with
license productions was the Hannoversche Waggonfabrik (Hannover Coach Factory),
for short "HAWA". Their first genuine civil design was the F 10, which was already
finished in the beginning of 1919, unusual then for its use of a tri-plpane layout for this
"flying limousine" for 3 passengers. An enlarged twin engined version for eight passengers
was designated F 12, but remained a project.


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My dear Jemiba,

a more drawings to HAWA F.10,by the way,it had also the F.3 and F.6.


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hesham said:
...by the way,it had also the F.3 and F.6.

Indeed, I just added the F 10, because it was the forerunner of the F 12. The F 3 was a
"civilianised" version of the wartime Hannocer CL III, the F 6 of the CL IV, both actually
built, so I thought them not to be tghat interesting here

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