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11 August 2009
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My question is how would i get say Boeing or lockheedmartin to research my design, by pointing out the area's that need to be redesigned and so on.
Huh, almost impossible idea. "non-us development" factor. Very low, but in this case the biggest chance you will have by personall contact during some aerosalon, exhibition or presentation by talking with some researcher that is there. Bored rent stuff with only aim to maintain the stand will not be a good choice.
Have a shipping container full of money. I'm sure they'd help then. ;)
It's hard to respond not knowing anything about your design, or on your background,
or education for doing this kind of thing, or on the area of expertise you want input
on for your review.

The key thing though that is good is that you have an interest and are making an effort !

Some things I would try (again with no info on what it is you want help with):
- Have you consulted the literature (books, AIAA papers, etc)?
- Do you have an AIAA chapter in your city? They may be able to point you at
individuals that can help advise you further.
- Have you checked AIAA conferences and their agendas where similar subjects are
being discussed. Perhaps you could attend (student discounts are offered) and
meet some of the experts and ask them nicely for some help or advice.
- The above may help put you in touch with some retired experts as well who may
enjoy giving you some help.

Just some ideas.
Hi arthur!!

Is there a university near you with an Aeronautical Engineering program?
You could maybe get some good advice there!
I would like to add that it's happened before, perhaps more often than you think.

The most immediate example that comes to my mind is the QSST by SAI LLC which was designed upon their behalf by Lockheed. On the other hand, I imagine this required, at the very least, a hefty sum of venture capital and other financial favors/conditions imposed by Lockheed (especially given the relatively high risk of this venture).

I cannot tell you what the best idea is aside from what already has been advocated, other than to either contact the companies directly (Airbus actually has a policy for free submissions and a form on their website; NG has a policy strictly forbidding free submissions and Boeing is somewhere in between; trust me you're not the only one who thought/thinks he has a brilliant aerospace idea ;) ), contact someone with connections or experience (boards like this are at least a start) or, depending on how "married" to your idea you are, just keep talking/publicizing it and hope someone will like it (though many companies are hesitant to pick up "free ideas" because of copyright issues).

Also - depending on what exactly your idea is - you could, at least theoretically, build an R/C subscale demonstrator yourself. That's what FanWing LTD did, using nothing but common R/C components.

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