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25 October 2007
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Hello ;) there,

long ago I read something on the "Groupe Technique de Chatillon", a team of french aviation technicians who worked for some time with the german occupying forces. I understand that part of the work on the Focke-Wulf Ta400 was due to this people. Anyone knows more about it`s projects?
Even in France it is not well known, sorry. The tradition is a full black-out on the work done together with the side then called "enemy" by official Historians...
Dear Wurgler.

If you go on the site "luft" Focke Wulf and Ta 400
It is confirmed that French workers HAS study under Focke wulf
supervision the ta 400
dear Wurger

Other German planes were construct or repart in FRANCE during the war.
EX : LATECOERE Toulouse construct Junkers ju 488 v401 v402
destruct by Resistance during the night 16-17.07.1944

SAU FARMAN construct Heinkel 274 v1 v2 in SURESNES near PARIS
V1 was destruct by German the 18.08.1944 went they live PARIS
V2 Became AAC 1 and test by French after the war
and so end
Hi guys,

many thanks for your contributions. The only info I get is their relation to Focke-Wulf. I guess everything else will remain a mistery.
In 1940 DLH (Deutsche Lufthansa) signed at development contract with Blohm & Voss on the design and construction on a replacemenet for the Ju 52/3M.
The development was mostly made by french engineers and the construction af 2 prototypes were initiated at Socíété Louis Brégeut in Anglet near Bayonne.
The first prototype of the BV 144 only flew after the germans had left the area.


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The collaboration of French Industry and German one in the 1941-1944 years is no secret at all :A great part can be found in
" JANE'S ALL THE WORLD AIRCRAFT 1945 " p 93c to 95c
Those infos were partially published (with the very same words!)in Kens -Nowarra book of the early 60' and in Luft 46.
quote :
"""" In December 1944 the French Air Ministry presented a comprehensive picture of the aircraft industry activities during the four years of occupation:
............... .....................................................
.............Fw 190 :THE BRANDT FACTORY at Chatillon sur Bagneux was requisitioned and put onto series production of motor cowlings for the Fw 190.
This plant was also alloted to the " Groupe Technique de Chatillon " as a prototype factory .It comprised some 300 French designers & engineers under the strict tutelage of technicians of Focke-Wulf. They studied Fw206 ,Fw 300 ,Ta400 .... """"

:)By the way the collaboration continued after a break of one year ,and as soon as in the late summer 1945 many German designers & engineers were working in Germany and in France with more (ATAR ) or less (Focke...) success .
The production of German planes continued for some pretty long after the War:Ju 52,Ar 396,Si204,Do 24 Me 108,Me 208,He 274,BV 144,Fw 190,Fi 156.
Re: Groupe Technique de Châtillon

The "Groupe Technique de Châtillon-sous-Bagneux" was absorbed by Nord-Aviation. The final merger happened in 1954.
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