German WW2 unknown Flak Projects


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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

Here the ultimate Flak ! Data from here
Skoda 24cm Zwillingsflak
-pro Rohr 8 Schuss/min / 8 rounds per minute
-Gipfelhöhe 36.000m / service ceiling 36,000m
-horizontaler Schuss Reichweite bis zu 48km
-Granate wog hier 205kg / Grenade 205kg
-Vo von 1030 m/s
I am searching a drawing of this super gun !
Maybe someone can help ?

BTW here some other german Super Heavy Flaks
15cm Gerät 50 Krupp, 15cm Gerät 55 Rheinmetall, 15cm Gerät 60 Krupp
15cm Gerät 65 Rheinmetall , 20,3 cm Flak , 21 cm Flak
24 cm Flak Gerät 80 ,24 cm Flak Gerät 85

BTW There was also a soviet postwar Superflak the KS-52 152mm Flak !

Many greetings
Re: German WW2 Skoda 240mm Super Heavy Twin-Flak

Wow as much as the power and range of these Skoda 240mm AAA would have been impressive, they would have eaten up a lot of resources and time, which Germany did not have (or utilised properly!)
I think Germany was struggling enough just producing 128mm AAA!

Re: German WW2 Skoda 240mm Super Heavy Twin-Flak

Thanks for the info! But I do not own Waffne-Revue 58. No one knows more about the Skoda Flak ?
HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Everybody
"The Development of German Antiaircraft Weapons and Equipment of All Types up to 1945 by von Renz".

page 249 a 240mm Flak with rocket attachment ?
page 261 - 265 some Flak shells "Shells filled with graphite, Flak Gas shells, Shells cotaining oil or other substances"
page 263 - 264 a mysterious anti-aircraft mine "Flakmine". Maybe someone knows more about this device ?

Guided 88mm Flak shells ?
Many greetings
Do you know about this Skoda Gun's barrel length and design date? and if it's actually 240mm or as German practice 238mm?
I had a look into that issue of the Waffenrevue, mentioned there are two designs for a 24cm Flak.
"Gerät 80" for the Krupp design and "Gerät 85" for the Rheinmetall-Borsig design.
The design by Krupp is only mentioned, but not presented in detail, because knowledge about it was
sketchy at best, at least at the date of this publication.
For the "Gerät 85" the surviving data are shown, emphasizing the big challenge, an AA gun of that calibre
posed to the designers, mainly because separatopn of shell and propelling charge wasn't regarded as an
option, in order to achieve a reasonable rate of fire. With a kind of a revolver drum, holding 12 cartridges,
a rate of fire of 3 rounds per minute should be achieved. After 12 shots, the whole drum would have been
changed, probably no mean task, with a weight of around 350 kg for a single cartridge (weight of the shell
180 kg).
Nor is the true calibre mentioned, nor a design made by Skoda.
WR 058 - 0085.jpg
WR 058 - 0086.jpg
WR 058 - 0087.jpg
WR 058 - 0088.jpg
I thread about 30.5 cm Flak project, with shell 400 kg or over, but, I can't found this information.
And, I know one weird legend. In time of Leningrad battle, one of Soviet battleships firing to German bomber order with ~100 machines, in one shot destroyed ~50 bombers, and, Germans after this incident, thought - "We need analogical gun". But, I haven't a reliable data about this "Stalin's puntgun" :)
I wonder what they might thought about the Japanese AA shells when Yamato and Musashi fired them....
Though even Nagato and Mutsu as well as all major IJN warship carreid such shells so 356mm, 410mm and 460mm AA guns...
I have been doing research for a long time and a good part of it could not have been done using negative assumptions. When answering any questions, reasonable and even outlandish assumptions usually, not always, result in some sort of conclusion and verified information from credible sources.

An old saying to illustrate: "They said it couldn't be done so we didn't do it."

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