German Motorstoppmittel "Chemischer Einsatz"


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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

Another strange way to destroy bombers !

Line 100-162
Chemischer Einsatz gegen Flugmotoren

Here the facts
- It should be a device to destroy the bomberengines.
- The enemy bomberengine should inhale the gas.
- They tried explosive-gases and ozone.
- Erprobungskommandos 25.

Maybe someone knows more ?
How should this weapon work ?

Here another story about Motorstopp-Gas
Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology
Page 163-169
I do not know much about the the book ! Be careful !

Thanks a lot for help
On the bunker-ig site it is mentioned, that the whole report was taken from
Waffen-Revue 48 / Waffen-Lexikon 2628-100-2. And, although I cannot say
anything about the reliability of this source/report, the parts where actual
results are mentioned sound plausible : No real results !

One mentioned method was aimed at producing updraughts by spreading and
igniting fuel from lower flying aircraft. Those updraughts should be strong
enough to destroy a bomber. So, that's not a method to stop an engine.

Later it is said, that materials were developed, which released substances by
smouldering, that could stop an reciprocating engine in a few minutes. But this
method worked only for engines up to 2.5l cylinder capacity and surely those
joss sticks would have to be brought in very close vicinty of the engine ?

Ozonewas tried as an "engine stop substance", too, but again the problem was,
how to achieve a sufficient concentration arounf the engine ?

And then a method to stop the ignition system of an engine was proposed by a
german company, using ionisation, but even the report says, that nobody in this
ingenius company had the slightest idea, how to ionize at will the air around a bomber
or a tank in some distance.

But all those "projects" may have been worthwhile, as they kept technical personal
busy up to the last day of the war in europe, saving them from being send to the front !
Hi everybody

To Jemiba
Great ! Thanks for your wonderful made summary !
Even greater is the Idea with the lower flying aircraft ! Seems logical !

About the updraughts device:
Line 37-66
BTW I do not know why Waffen-Revue called it a Motorstoppmittel ?
"Thermischer Einsatz gegen Feindflugzeuge"
"Firma Focke-Wulf hat sich nach Rücksprache bei General der Jagdflugzeuge mit dem Erpr.Kdo. 25 in Verbindung gesetzt, um Versuche durchzuführen, mit Hilfe von Brennstoffen Aufwindboen vor 4-mot. Feindverbänden zu erzeugen, die so groß sind, dass die Festigkeit dieser überstiegen wird........"

-the tests were carried out by Erprobungskommando 25
-Focke-Wulf Bericht Nr.03041
-It should be a device to create turbulences with the help of liquid fuels.
-These turbulences should destroy the bombers.
-What aircraft did they use for their flying experiments ? (FW-190, Ju-88 etc.)
-How could such a aircraft look like ? (Maybe someone can draw such a device ?)
All I know is, they used
2x Jäger-Stahlzusatzbehälter (extra-fuel-tanks?)
1x Ju-88 Schnellablasser (Fuel-Dump-device?)
1x Kohlensäureflasche (CO2 cylinder)
(sounds like a spraying-device ?)
-How should this device work ? Like a flamethrower ? Fuel-Air-Bomb ?
-How should the fuel ignited ? Without destroying the own aircraft ?
I think the Focke Wulf document Nr.03041 would be useful ?
Maybe there is a sketch ?(That describe how the weapon should work)
Maybe we can answer these questions ?

Many greetings
Hi everybody

Fuel-Dumping "Dump and Burn"

Many greetings
Hi everybody

BTW here another Motorstopmittel
Abregnen von Eisenpentacarbonyl über dem Bomberverband.
Spraying iron pentacarbonyl above the bomber formation.
Maybe with a "High altitude" anti-bomber spray-aircraft !
Die Illusion der Wunderwaffen
von Ralf Schabel
Page 94

Many greetings
The mentioned book could be interesting reading ! Although, judging the
contents, it may be disappointing for those still searching for evidence of
a german technological supremacy.
On the Amazon link, you can find a preview, which already gives some promising
details and the given sources should be credible, if used in a way, that should be
expected by a dissertation. At least then, somebody else besides the author and
the publisher had a look on it before, somebody who probably had no commercial
interest in it !

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