German Air Projects 1935-1945 by Marek Rys. Mushroom Model Publications


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22 January 2006
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The 3rd volume, Bombers, is out:

I liked Malcom V. Lowe review at Aeroplane March 2008 issue (page 83)

The book will appeal many enthusiast of the "Luftwaffe 1946" genre, although it must be said that even if the WWII had continued into 1946 or beyond, some of the more weird and outlandish projects discussed in this volume would nevertheless most likely not have been built. This volume is a readable and useful addition to the published work on what is a somewhat esoteric subject

So it seems that this is a recommendable series of books for those who want to be seriously informed about the "Luft 46" subject. There are still three more volumes to a complete a 6 volume encyclopedia.
Ordered volume 4 yesterday, and keenly looking forward to it, Marek. The first three volumes are excellent.
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