Future Helicopters from Mil : Mi-46, Mi-54, Mi-58


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Hello, the Mi-46 was a project in the 1980's to replace the aging Mi-6 "Hook". Two concepts were made: Mi-46T (cargo/transport) and Mi-46K (flying crane). I found a small artist's impression of the Mi-46K (see below) but I'm just wondering if there is an enlarged version of that picture available. Thanks. ;D


I'm not sure if this one is confirmed but it appeared today before right the Zhuhai Airshow ! ???

Russia and China to co-develop Mi-46 heavy lift Helicopters

Source: http://www.moscowtimes.ru/article/600/42/372000.htm

Russian arms maker Oboronprom and China's AVICopter signed a memorandum to jointly develop a civilian heavy helicopter. "We've had the blueprints, and they have the money," said Ilya Yakushev, a spokesman for Oboronprom, referring to China. China wants to develop and produce the helicopter, whose weight will be around 30 tons, on its own territory, said Russian Helicopters, Oboronprom's helicopter manufacturing subsidiary.

China is ready to finance the project, said the company, adding that any details were up for negotiation. The Mi-46 helicopter currently being developed in Russia could provide the basis for the new aircraft, the company said in a statement.

Russian Helicopters also signed a framework agreement to sell four older, Mi-26 heavy helicopters to China, the world's largest helicopter importer, the company said.

I will start with the Mil brochures. First one is the Mi-58


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Mil Mi-46 and Mi-54


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Deino said:
Russia and China to co-develop Mi-46 heavy lift Helicopter

Recent internet photos have surfaced of a concept model for the joint Sino-Russian heavy-lift helicopter project. This development is believed to be the latest incarnation of the Mil Mi-46, a heavy-lift helicopter project intended to replace the Mi-6 series and under sporadic development since 1992. The joint project was announced in the Russian media October 13th. [...]
Source: http://china-defense.blogspot.com/2009/11/sino-russian-20-ton-heavy-lift-helo.html


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Interesting. It looks to be about a Chinnok sized aircraft (at least cabin length). Perhaps a little larger.
This is how you should do the business the honest way. Roll up the sleeves and do some elbow grease. Do some physical input by actually building things, not vapourwaring CGIs , scale demonstrators and press releases. There is no substitute for real work. This is Mil -54 helicopter. They have already built full scale mockup.


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I don't think those engineers at Sikorsky have exactly been devoting all of their times to PowerPoint and press releases either.
There is a huge difference between a fiberglass mock up and a working demonstrator. Unless I am mistaken one actually flies, one does not. I suspect any knowledgeable aero-engineer type would say that the dynamic components are the hard part and the fuselage is a bit simpler, respectively.
Another project was the Mil-52 'Snegir' three-seat light helicopter.

One mockup was built in 2000 and two variants where planned; the Mi-51-1 powered by a single 199 kW VAZ-4265 turboshaft, and the Mi-52-2 with twin VAZ-4265 turboshafts. The Progress AI-450 turboshaft mentioned as alternative power source in early 2003.

More data at http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/mi-52.php

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You will display at pure mockup only at airshows anyway. So it is only a marketing instrument to convince the customer!
Deino said:
Russia and China to co-develop Mi-46 heavy lift Helicopters

Finally some news ... however still without any "hard" facts or even an image.

Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter will have take-off weight of 38 tons - Rogozin

Russia and China have reached an agreement in principle on a joint project to create a heavy transport helicopter, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"For heavy helicopters moving normally. Treaty to the helicopter on 38 tons," - said to "Interfax-AVN" Rogozin.

According to him, it was decided that "Russia's contribution to the project will be material, our technical capabilities."

Previously CEO of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Alexander Mikheyev said "Interfax-AVN" that technical configuration of the Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter will be determined before the end of the year.

"Hopefully, this year we define the technical configuration of the helicopter and the status of the project," - said A.Miheev.

According to him, the Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter is planned to create on the basis of the technological platform of the heaviest in the world of the Mi-26, produced by "Rostvertol" (part of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia").

He noted that the new car will not be analogue or further development of Russian heavy Mi-26 helicopter. "This helicopter will be developed specifically for the Chinese market, to perform the missions that are formulated by various ministries and agencies in China. Primarily the Ministry of Emergency Situations," - said A.Miheev.

While the West kicks the can down the road concerning heavy-lift rotorcraft:

"Russia and China to determine configuration of future joint transport helicopter in early 2015"


According to the CEO of Russian Helicopters Alexander Mikheev, the technical configuration of the joint Russian and Chinese heavy-lift transport helicopter is going to be determined by February 2015. It was previously reported that the Russian and Chinese heavy-lift helicopter was planned to be developed based on the technologies of Mi-26T — the heaviest helicopter in the world produced by Rosvertol (part of Russian Helicopters).

According to the CEO of the Russian Helicopters Alexander Mikheev, the technical configuration of the joint Russian and Chinese heavy-lift transport helicopter is going to be determined by February 2015. It was previously reported that the Russian and Chinese heavy-lift helicopter was planned to be developed based on the technologies of Mi-26T — the heaviest helicopter in the world produced by Rosvertol (part of Russian Helicopters). Unlike it was previously reported, Alexander Mikheev noted that the new helicopter is not going to be similar to or a modernized version of the Russian heavy-lift Mi-26T helicopter

"We are currently developing the program of cooperation and division of responsibility of both the parties. We are determining the activities that each party is going to be in charge of. It is important to define which design bureaus are going to be engaged and what expertise and technologies we are going to use. In two or three months we are going to hold certain negotiations, where the configuration and flight performance of this helicopter will become clear," said Mr. Mikheev to the press at the international Air Show China-2014 opened in Zhuhai on last Tuesday.

Alexander Mikheev also noted that the new helicopter is not going to be similar to or a modernized version of the Russian heavy-lift Mi-26T helicopter.

"This helicopter is going to be developed especially for the Chinese market to implement those missions established by various ministries and authorities of China, in particular, by the Emergency Situations Ministry," said Mr. Mikheev.
Hmmm.... wonder what happened to the "Blue Whale" ::)
To admit I was surprised that nothing was reported about this monster at the Zhuhai Airshow. :what:

China And Russia Team Up To Build World's Largest, Most Powerful Chopper.

Currently, the largest and most powerful helicopter to have ever entered production is the gargantuan Mi-26 'Halo' of Russian origin, of which many still serve in governmental and commercial roles around the globe. After decades of the 'Halo' being on top, a new record holder is now said to be on the way, with Russia and China joining forces to make it happen.

This new super-heavy lift class chopper was originally thought to be an outgrowth of the existing, all-weather capable and highly modernized Mi-26T2, but now it seems that it will only borrow a few elements from it, and will overwhelmingly be a 'clean sheet' design.

The fresh design approach is due to China's eye popping requirements. According to Russia, they are said to include almost twice the lifting capacity of the already freakishly powerful and huge Mi-26. That would put the new chopper's lifting ability at somewhere around 80,000lbs! In comparison, the CH-53K 'King Stallion,' America's latest heavy lift design, has a total gross weight just slightly above that figure at 88,000lbs.

Originally, this new Russian-Chinese design was thought to be an outgrowth of the Mi-26T2, although this is now inaccurate as Chinese performance demands are far outside any existing designs' theoretical capabilities.

The Mi-26 can already haul vehicles that are larger than what can fit even into a C-130 Hercules, including everything from armored personnel carriers to dump trucks. Yet China has had a uniquely large demand for heavy under-slung cargo carrying ability, for both construction and logistical purposes and there has been talk for the last decade or two about how a super-heavy lift helicopter could change the way some structures are built. This is especially true for modular vertical oriented structures that are intended to be built fast and replicated quickly, an area of architecture and construction that China continues to be the leader in.

According to Russian reports, multiple Chinese agencies are part of this new mega-chopper procurement program, including those that deal with emergency management and response. This makes some sense as during a natural disaster, or even a time of conflict, moving massive amounts of supplies quickly will be all that much more critical considering China's massive population.

A cost has not been publicly assigned to the program, nor has there been word regarding what percentage Russia will share in the costs of developing such an exotic machine. Regardless of the public absence of some details, Russia says this new design requirements will be locked by the first quarter of 2015.


However I'm a bit surprised; I thought that helicopter would weight about 38t at all ... and not would have a capability to lift that much. ???
Seems to be the first official model (shown at the International Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin) ...

PS just found the source:


Russia and China are to sign the contract for the joint development of a heavy-lift helicopter designated Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL), Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Sales at Russian Helicopters holding company Grigory Kozlov was quoted as saying in an interview.

“We are going to build a helicopter from scratch making it a fundamentally new aircraft even though it will borrow some of the solutions from the existing Mi-26, explains Gregory Kozlov.

He also noted that to date, Russian Helicopters and Chinese corporation AVIC had formulated preliminary specifications and were working on towards a consensus on what the advanced heavy-lift helicopter would look like.

Experts estimate that the demand for the new model in China could top 200 rotorcrafts for the period until 2040. It is assumed that the AHL take-off weight will be about 38 tons, while the maximum commercial payload inside the cabin – 10 tons and the external load – 15 tons. The helicopter will be designed for around-the-clock operation in hot climates, in highland areas and in all weather conditions. It will be suitable for a wide range of missions: transportation, evacuation, firefighting and many others.

It is proposed that the future Russian-Chinese heavy-lift helicopter will receive a Russian-made engine leveraging the technology of the domestically produced engine PD-14. The Perm aircraft designers are prepared to launch this engine into mass production. One of the PD-14 prototypes was unveiled at the MAKS-2015 air show.

The framework cooperation agreement for the advanced heavy-lift helicopter project was signed between Russian Helicopters and China Aviation Industry Corporation this May. Pursuant to the agreement, the parties will work together across all the areas of development and preparatory activities ahead of the mass production of the new Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) rotorcraft.


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2021 news


Bur according to Chinese Military Aviation blogspot

As of a month ago, the Chinese are going it alone as the 'It was also rumored in July 2023 that 602/Changhe is developing an advanced heavy lift helicopter (AHL) following the termination of an earlier Sino-Russian joint project.'

It would not surprise me if they will come up with a flying prototype within a year or less.

Seven rotor blades is an interesting design point. Will be interesting to see how this design evolves.
Any reason as to why Mil went with seven rotor blades yasotay? It seams a bit overkill from my point of view.
Any reason as to why Mil went with seven rotor blades yasotay? It seams a bit overkill from my point of view.
I might be dumb, but my guess is if you have a more powerful engine, one of the ways to increase lift is increasing the number of blades from 5 to 7, since the max speed of the rotors+traveling airspeed can't cross the speed of sound, and that stops you from making them bigger or spin faster. Another guess would be they reduced the max speed of the rotors, thereby allowing the heli to achieve a higher travel speed.

These things might make the efficiency loss worth it.
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