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Future Combat Air System (FCAS)


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Sep 6, 2006
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@Hood :Misinformation?! Do you feel OK insulting people? I don't being, in case you wonder :mad:

For your govern the author is going after cultural & managerial behavior and to our knowledge, there are no segregated business management (civil/Mil) in French aerospace.
So, I think you should weight better your words before...
Nothing personal meant, but you should be clearer what you are posting and why. To just post a quoted webpage without any commentary is ambiguous to say the least.

I don't see anything specifically 'French' about the Eurodrone programme.
It seems clear that any problems with seem to stem from the three governments involved all wanting different things - particularly the German demands such as insistence on twin engines for engine-out safety over populated areas which pushed up the size and cost. The European defence procurement body OCCAR is handling the programme and Germany is leading the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) project. Airbus is leading the Eurodrone development in cooperation with Dassault and Leonardo - so its not an all-French programme and the last time I looked Airbus was a multi-national company.

I don't doubt there are cultural and managerial problems in Airbus or Dassault or indeed Leonardo, Boeing, BAE Systems and any number of other global corporations around the world. In fact it seems pretty much par for the course these days and effects all their business decisions so really the permeation of such problems hardly specifically fits SCAF.
if anything the German-French Airbus-Dassault SCAF should be simpler to manage and agree than Eurodrone without its multiple partners and observers all putting in their two pennies worth. Multinational collaborations are expensive and messy and just maybe Dassault was right all these years to just go it alone?


Feb 12, 2017
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Your words:
Apologies, I was led astray by the poster's misinformation
And that's was not personal? The poster's...

As it seems also your are very selective in your apologies.
That and your denial is even more insulting to say the least.