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8 May 2006
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For our french readers about flying saucers ;D

Our secretproject's member JC Carbonel scripts soon an article in the next AIR MAGAZINE : :)

But i don't know about what french flying saucer project (Coanda ? Couzinet ? Payen ? Other ?) ??? :

"La première soucoupe volante faillit être française... (J-C. Carbonel)"

In english it's maybe :

"The first flying saucer could have been french..."

I want to believe ;)
I think, too... I remember an article in le Fana some years ago (circa april 1999, the one wth the T-3 recon aircrafts on cover... what a memeory I have ;D )
I hope for the Payen Pa.64 .... :p
Perhaps there would be an explanation, what it would use
on the ground, wheels, struts, skids .... and then another
gap could be filled !
(from Alain Pelletiers "Les Ailes Volantes")
Ooops ! Sorry, clicked on the wrong attachement !
And no source given, too !! ::)


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If we see an old article of JCC in this link of Aerostories' website, the RC 360 seems to be the favorite :)

Wait and see 8)
It seems that our solutions were not good :eek:

JCC on the whatifmodelers forum about the flying saucer article in Air Mag :

I have an article on Capazza's lenticular airship designs (pre WW1).

I found this on the net :

CAPAZZA, Louis Henri FRANCE (1862-1928) (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AH/AT/AZ. Semi-Professional balloonist, 1900-1906 era.
Dilettante, playboy, inventor; Lived in Belgium; Immigrated to the USA about 1920.
b: 1862 Bastia Corsica;
d: 1928 New York, NY.
p: Engineer, Traffic Superintendent for French Railways.
f: First B-Ascent 14 Nov.1886 from Marseille FRA; First B-Flight & Para-descent 1892 from Villette France; Pilot of Airship "Lebaudy" in France; Made more than 35 B-ascents in lifetime.
l: Made many flights in Britain 1891-92, France 1893-94; Designed a "flying saucer" shaped airship; Inventor of a parachute, made two jumps.
h: Croix de Ghevalier de son ordre, from the King Leopold-II of Belgium for research on balloon safety. ***Epic flight attempt Aug.1892 from Hendon, ENG. Balloon slipped out of the net, and launched without him. The crowd turned into an angry mob, and tried to kill him. ***Epic flight Aug.1892?from New York, NY in "Jupiter." Unique balloon used a large parachute in place of the traditional net. Launched from the Villette Gas Works, the balloon was purposely ripped in flight, allowing the aeronaut to descend safely. ***Epic flight 14 Nov.1899 from Marseille (FRA) in "Gabizos." Attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea; landed in Appietto Corsica. ***Epic flight attempt 7 May 1903. Balloon caught fire on inflation.
r: SA-67:134, Aug.27,1892; LT-5 Sep,1892.

And we can see M. Capazza and a drawing of one balloon here :
Hello !

Yes this article is about Capazza "lenticular airship" designs. The first one was a true saucer but ...unpowered. It was used exetensively in Capitaine Danrit's novel "la Guerre Noire".

Is that about that projects posted in this forum ?
Hello Michel
than the 2nd project which he initiatiated with Clément Bayard. It went so far to have the engine nacelles built. in the article you get full plans of the animal.

here is the first project all-metal non-powered airship.

This is its rendition in the Danrit / Driant book

The props at the four corners of the lower section are an improvement over the very initial project.

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