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27 April 2007
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ı had the opportunity to watch an English broadcasting Russian TV channel yesterday and it had some footage of their parade on May 9th.

there were two Mig-31s escortind a Tu-160 and one of them appeared to me to be in a combat formation , that is it was lower and behind instead of being paralel to the leader on the left . But Flankers were not so . Has anyone else noticed it too , or am I mistaken ?

it doesn't necessarily mean anything and I saw one THK parade in 2001 , the last Phantom in a fourship was in pilot induced oscillations ( if that is the correct term ) and it didn't look good . So did the Mig pilot gave up matching his leader since they were already over the Red Square or is there anything more to this?
Have noticed it too. May be pilot's mistake though.
Will upload TV-rip of 'tech' part of parade in a few hours.


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Hi-quality 720x576 rip, about 11 minutes/350 Mb. Sorry, no HDTV here till 2015 I suppose - all money went for Topols...

Just enter number from capture and push the button.

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