few very intersting propellers


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4 September 2008
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Hi, this is my first post and I am sorry if this is the wrong section, please move it to the right one if you feel it so..

I have been very engaged in researching unknown , yet promising hidden inventions, there are way to many inventions covered at rexresearch.com.. I know alot of them are hoaxed, But still there tons that are not..

free energy , anti gravity radionics is a little far for right now

I found these propellers very intersting however, too bad i dont have a workshop or equipment to confirm the claimed results:

i really would appreciate if anybody here could give a word of experience about these props and if anybody has access to any of the Popular, mechanincs, popular science etc, that would be very appreciated

here is the one I am most intersted in, noise less prop and super efficeient

here is one very little talked about :
rotating cylinder prop?
A. Flettner: Propeller (just hit ctrl-F and type A. Flettner: Propeller)

An Air Screw That Ridicules Propeller Theories (hit ctrl-f and type it)

it seems very hard to look for info about these ones.. and almost impossible to find an online Popular science archive..

thanx alot!
kalle Amer
Re: few very intersting propellers-from bagdad

see US Patent;

7,396,208 B1
Mahmood H.Hussain
Thanx , that looks like an interesting one, is it yours, do you have any pics or test data of the prop? a prototype perhaps?

the one that I would love to know more about is the Volf propeller, he said he discovered the method when working with sirens.


Patent nr: 1,873,853

I have made a crude model with a brushed little motor, but it was too unbalanced

I made a 3d model of it that took me days to figure out how to model, how can i post it here?


since the propeller has "side walls portions" the radial flow is eliminated .. giving the prop bigger efficiency
Not exactly a propeller design but a new wind turbine called 'Energy Ball'.


Not sure how it utilises the venturi effect which iirc has something to do with nozzles. Then again I was quite hopeless with my 'O' level physics.
amsci99, I didnt get the connection between your links and the super propeller I linked to?

are you swedish btw , I live in sweden:D

here you go , old propellers were more efficent then peoble think , more then 65%
Leviterande said:
amsci99, I didnt get the connection between your links and the super propeller I linked to?

are you swedish btw , I live in sweden:D



I'm afraid I am not from Sweden and live somewhere in the Far East. As for the links, I was drawing an analogy between wind turbines and efficient propellers since the super propeller was based in part on a siren, sort of 'thinking out of the box'. This so called 'Energy Ball' seems to be able to work in low wind speed and might very well be an efficient impeller and place in a ducted fan system? Some creative extrapolation on my part since I have no technical background. I hope you find the information useful.
YOur answer is truly smart , the siren and wind tomake a propeller hmm.. it really could make a n intersting propeller, the reason for me not building one is the accuracy of a given prop that has to be fairly high, slightest balance and all teh thrust is gone.. i dont either have a workshop nor cnc .. but hopefully I ll do it
I like that energy-ball design.

KJ Lesnick
BTW: Why did that Cornelius Self-Stabilizing Free-Wing never go anywhere? Were there problems with it?

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