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4 May 2008
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VIDEO: X-45A is alive and well in Maryland?
By John Croft on February 13, 2010 9:25 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |ShareThis
"Old advanced weapons programs never die, they just go black," says my colleague Steve Trimble of the DEW Line blog.

Trimble is speaking about a video I found today on YouTube. Supposedly the only two flying models of the X-45A UCAS both went to museums after the program ended in 2005, one to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington; the other to the Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio.

Posted by Thales group company Prestly Industries, the clip claims to show what is obviously an third X-45A performing a bomb release test at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on 8 February 2010.

Not sure how in the world you could do such a test at Andrews, just 10 miles east of the US Capitol, but that's how the clip is labeled..Maybe they meant Edwards?

As further proof that this is a not an old test, compare pictures of the original bomb drop test in April 2004 with the latest test. Definitely a different bird based on the decals on the left side of the nose. Probably other differences that aerophiles can pick up .


Prestly Industries? Who are they?

Never heard of them, personally. Their site seems odd and the only other mention on the net is a Facebook page. Something fishy?
From they website :

Prestly Industries, formally known as Prestly & Shultz Industries, is a subsidiary of Thales Air Defense
Limited, a part of the Thales Group of companies. Prestly Industries mission is to be the partner of choice
in the North American aerospace market. The company is focused on managing its industrial assets and
introducing new products in the U.S., Canada, U.K.


Prestly Industries total of 26% assets were sold to Thales Group for over $3.7 billion in U.S dollars.
Prestly Industries total of 14% assets were sold to Northrop Grumman for over $1.3 billion in U.S dollars.
Prestly Industries total of 11% assets were sold to Raytheon Company for over $671.2 million in U.S dollars.

That supposedly new video is the same as the second inert drop test video. That second test was years ago. A case I think of it not being reported properly or some one mixing up their media files.
So, how comes the almighty interweb has never heard of this company except for its website and facebook page? Strikes me as suspicious.


Scam site ;D
Crikey Overscan! I bet theres going to be fire works when Thales law team get hold of that material and the owners of the site. goodness me, who the hell would try and pass themselves off as some intergrated defence giant when so many defence folks love the internet?

Ouch is all I can say.
Well, I'm guessing some Arab/African despot is going to find he *isn't* actually going to get those missiles he ordered. Or maybe its just aimed at scamming "mom n pop" investors, its hard to say.
Could the "potential mischief" (or some such wording) be notified in the topic. This is the internet reference forum on things after all!
It appears to be a wholly made up site for a company that doesn't exist. Why, is only speculation at this point. Presumably its been made for nefarious purposes of some kind.
Somebody spent a LOT of money on that site, on the order of at least 10 to 15 thousand dollars. I suspect you've stumbled across some site used in an intelligence operation of some sort.

If you "fake" a regular website the FBI and maybe the local heat might do the minimal amount of investigating.
If you fake a defense industry web site, then you've graduated to a whole new level of investigations.
DIS (pentagon)
Army CID

And how many others I forgot?
Interestingly, the website registration for the site runs back to a P.O. Box in Sunnyvale, CA-- a P.O. Box that has also been linked to a huge number of scam sites. These scam sites tend to be based on stolen copies of real websites, so it's not surprising that the Prestly site might look sophisticated without actually having cost a lot to produce.
I just tried calling Prestly's phone number in London -- a receptionist answered, but I decided not to order a Black Shark torpedo for Valentine's day. Interestingly, the U.S. main office is listed as the Empire State Building.
This will probably end up on the network news in an investigative report.

The phone number on their press relations page is actually a fax number for General Dynamics:

The prestly industries facebook page:

The supposed CEO of prestly that has 2700 high school girls as "friends"

And finally, a picture of the idiot himself....


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....It keeps getting better. Now he is telling his lady friends that he is a Marine in Iraq....

sublight said:
This will probably end up on the network news in an investigative report.

4th estate win!

sublight said:
The supposed CEO of prestly that has 2700 high school girls as "friends"

And finally, a picture of the idiot himself....

Obviously, a deep cover CIA agent.
This 'Prestly Industries' would appear to be a joke set up by some high school/college friends pretending to run a big company. There might be some minor level fraud, like trying to impress girls or a potential employer, on top of all the pirating of legitimate corporate info. Or the whole thing just could be a case of weird Gen Y internet social activity. Pretty insignificant but, except for the good old crap reporter gullibility trap.
Finally checked out his Facebook page. I see that the address given is 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. In case anyone is wondering, that's the address of the corporate headquarters of General Dynamics.
The po box used the register the domain has been used to commit major fraud in the past year. How the cops/FBI haven't caught up with this guy I don't know....
This thing just went "totally awesome"!!!!

The guy "dylin prestly" is boning the daughter of Congressman Jerrold Nadler!!!!!


hey , do people get "awards" in this business ? Wow !
I suggest to rename to topic with the guy's name and fake alias in it so as to expose him a bit more.
This way, anyone googling him or his fake company will arrive at this topic automatically and know what he's about...
The guy posted event pages on facebook that said Congressman Jerrold Nadler was one of the hosts.
(those pages have been removed)
He is involved with a "Jenny Nadler" that says she is related to the Congressman, though the Congressman's bio lists no niece's nor is she a "facebook friend".

If the Ferrari videos he has posted are real, then no doubt he has seriously scammed some money, and judging from the history of the PO box Prestly Industries was registered with, he has ripped a LOT of people off.

I would post some other links to the guys internet trail but I suspect that he will remove them if I do.

Just two days ago he created the online persona "Jill Marie Sanchez". Then started posting "congressman's niece dating Dylin Prestly", then he got caught and deleted the blog.

I am REALLY curious who the target was with that fake defense site. He put a LOT of effort into that one and the related materials.
From link

traced the prestly industries ip address. it relays back to cia.gov site. clearly a deep cover cia thing.


I hope CIA has take the dude .
That is total BS. Its at Yahoo.

Name: p2p.geo.vip.sp1.yahoo.com
Aliases: www.prestlyindustries.com
...And there's more. Now he is a Billionaire associated with the CIA...


I guess its not illegal to be crazy? :)
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