Fairchild C-128A (YC-119D)


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27 November 2006
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My third posting is regarding the Fairchild C-128A.

C-128A was a derivative of C-119, with detachable cargo pack like XC-120 but in smaller size and tricycle gear.
Designed around 1950 with two P&W 4360-20WA of 3500hp, span 109’3 1/4”, length 86”6’, height 26”3’, empty weight 41010lb, gross weight 70700lb and speed of 260mph. Soon the designation of the aircraft was changed to YC-119D (or C-119D?) but the project was cancelled shortly.

C-128B was very similar in concept with C-128A, but with two Wright R-3350-30WA of 3500hp, span 148’0”, length 95”8 1/2’, height 31”0’, empty weight 41402lb, gross weight 72500lb and speed of 262mph. The designation of the aircraft was also changed to YC-119E but the project was cancelled shortly.

Attached drawing is the only one I could find in 30 years. (Source: US aircraft magazine around 1950. I failed to record the name of the magazine, but not the Aviation Week.)

I would greatly appreciate any additional drawing, mock-up photo or illustration of this project. Also any information regarding the shape of the detachable pack is appreciated.


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It was in Aero Digest for Augustus 1952.
I did the same search but without results..
Anyone who haves the Fairchild designation for this project ?
lark said:
It was in Aero Digest for Augustus 1952.

Thank you lark!
Now I know the origin of the copy which resided in my desk for more than 20 years.
A drawing of the C-128/C-119D (M-142) is provided on page 112 of American Secret Projects 2: US Airlifters 1941 to 1961. The company designation M-167 was used for a C-119H variant with an XC-120 type detachable pack. The YC-119E was given the company designation M-156.

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