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13 February 2008
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I know the A4D was known for punishing ejections due to it's rather small cockpit. Did the F4D Skyray have similar problems (as its cockpit was pretty small by today's standards)

KJ Lesnick

I hope this helps. No illustrations but it appears to be account of punching out from a Skyray.


It would seem the problems with the ejection were largely due to the airspeeds he was ejected at. The Skyray did have a problem with the ejection handle...

KJ Lesnick
I have another Skyray-related question and I think this is as good a place as any other to ask:

A USAF Project RAND research memorandum dated May 20, 1960 states that in the interim period when Convair's MX-1554 was still in development and the wartime fighters were obsolete, the U.S. Air Force considered procuring an interim fighter. Among these were the Republic F-91A Thunderceptor, the North American Sabre-45 (forerunner of the F-100), an interim Convair Model 8 proposal with a J40 engine (which led to the F-102) and... the Douglas F4D Skyray.

I would be very curious to hear or read about the Air Force Skyray proposal. Any hints? Possible sources?

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