F-4 Phantom II Avionics

Recently posted on YouTube by the San Diego Air & Space Museum (SDASM), flight test footage from December 8, 1972 of an F-4D Phantom II (USAF Ser. No. 66-7747) modified with the AN/APR-38 Radar Homing And Warning System (RHAWS) used in the Wild Weasel role.

The footage is entitled "RPO Demo Flight Test", and footage is partcularly focused on the APR-38's sensors on the tail, under the radome, and the canoe fairing carrying the electionics of the system occupying the port/forward missile launcher position.
YouTube: SDASM - MF 14 McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II RPO demo flight test

The (E)F-4D is described here:
At least two F-4Ds (66-7635 and 66-7647) were modified and equipped with the new McDonnell-Douglas designed APR-38 Warning and Attack System, the basis of the entire F-4G program.

Originally, the F-4G program had originally been slated for installation in ninety F-4Ds, but the Air Force opted for the more modem F-4E. This decision was made because the F-4E had much more internal volume available (especially once the gun was removed) and it was considered the cheaper option because the F-4E aircraft were much more up to date than the F-4Ds which would have to be brought up to the current state of the art. This was apparent in testing the (E)F-4D test aircraft which had to carry much of the electronics in a special canoe fairing which took the place of the port/forward missile launcher because of the lack of space.

The (E)F-4D Wild Weasel aircraft never progressed farther than a test platform for the Wild Weasel V electronics, so none entered active service in any USAF squadrons.
What are the capabilities of F-4 Phantom II Radars?

Any Pulse Doppler, Look Down Shot Down and TWS Capability?
Cockpit layouts showing avionics for F-4D. Here is a great website that covers the F-4 cockpit layout.


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Posted by Jeff Quitney at YouTube, a September 1967 US Air Force film regarding use of the Phantom's Applied Technology Inc. (ATI) AN/APR-25 Radar Warning Receiver and AN/APR-26 Launch Warning Receiver against Soviet-made Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) and radar systems then used by the North Vietnamese.

YouTube - Jeff Quitney: "F-4 Phantom II Radar & Anti-SAM Tactics 1967 US Air Force; Vietnam War"

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