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6 June 2006
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It seems that from 25 years ESA (European Space Agency) important programs are decided at interministerial meetings.

For example, the interministerial conference which took place on 9th november 1987 in the Netherlands stated on the Ariane 5, Hermes and Colombus programs.

Another in Granada, november 1992 buried Hermes.

Another will take place in november of this year.

Some questions about these conferences.

does they happen on regular basis ? (for example, every five years) ?
How many took place since, say, 1973 (when Ariane 1 program started) ?

so far i know is on 5 year base because the five year planing cycles at ESA

but i 'm not 100% sure about this ???
The November ESA meeting coming up will be extremely important.
If anyone has any information leaks about what are the preparations for decisions there, please post/link! I'm totally frustrated by the lack of information coming from our space agency.
I'm especially concerned with the latest calls by Sarkozy to use ESA for politician's short-sighted stunts.
to Sarkozy ESA Plans

i don't know, if is a good thing for a politically-driven ESA
off course ESA can take easier decisions for manned Moon Mars flights
but they can be Ase canceled...

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