Douglas XA-42


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7 March 2007
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Since there have been some recent postings about experimental USAAF attack acft of the 1940s, I thought I'd post the earliest drawing I've been able to find on Douglas' Model DS-459, AKA the XA-42. The specification report is dated 10 June 1943, but my text is actually an extract from a set of replacement pages dated 4 August 1943. Useful info: Air Materiel Comd issued contract no. W535 ac-40188 under Exp. Order #427-75; the Project No. was MX-392. What's especially interesting is the third canopy on the dorsal--not to be seen again in subsequent drawings--and the clear indication of defensive armament on both wing trailing edges, but also a tail turret. How ammo belts would have worked around the propellor shaft/gearing must have been interesting. [Source: NPRC NARA 342-66A-1717, Box 153]


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Excellent contribution Clioman, thanks a lot.
Great Clioman ! As I said, great things in the National Archives are....
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