Dornier Do P.380 flying boat

i know that design

Dornier XXL Jumbo amphibious aircraft
even bigger as a Galaxy C-5 (or An 225 ?)

but the name on Patent make for me no sense: D12-07 and Do12/337

is this a Do 300er series ?
has some one more Information about that project ?

Thanks a lot to hesham
This patent is very near the 1975 1000t project


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Richard's post shows exactly the "1000 t Flugschiff" from 1974.
It would have had a span of 102m and a length of 104m ...
but more or less it was just the basis for a discussion at the 15.
Otto-Lilienthal-lecture, held by Claudius Dornier jr., not a serious
project, I think.
Contrary to my statement in the previous post, in the book „Zeppelins Flieger – Das Flugzeug im Zeppelin.Konzern
und in seinen Nachfolgebetrieben“, different authors, published by the Zeppelin-Museum Friedrichshafen ), this project
is said actually to have been contemplated more seriously. A shown picture shows a somewhat different layout to
the one posted before ... and even larger.


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Great find my dear Jemiba,

and that's meaning,this aircraft was not just a patent,but a real design to
Dornier,and may be gave a P designation.
I merged the posts dealing with the P.380 aka "1000ts Flugschiff".

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