Do you like the new look?

Do you like the new look of Secret Projects?

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The posts are shown now more to the left, which are better to show attachments and pictures. :)

I have to get used to the new postion of the buttons, though! :-\
Nice and much more clearer than before! And the CGI Douglas-265 gave a smart touch to the whole thing :-*
I agree the forum looks much more professional and neater. Plus (I don't know if others have noticed this) the pages load much faster. This means I'm much happier and spend more time reading than waiting... ;D
I really like the look of the new forum and the icon was always one of my favorite designs :D
Suggestion for improvement

First, yes I like the new look, very much. Love the better response time too.

My suggestion for improvement is to make the small "new" blue buttons bigger (thicker, more pixels in height). I keep missing them.
They could be the full height of the line, and that would make them easier targets.

Anyone else is having the same problem?
I have reserved judgement for the last month to really get a feel for the new look and whether it "works" for me.

My initial impressions where favourable, and now I think I can undoubtedly say I really like the new look!

Great layout, and as always, informative postings on this forum!


nice and clean, easy on the eye with no garish colours.
Like it a lot.

Only question...
the plane icon (as used in the main banner) is he same for each section, any plans to have something representative ror each section?

No worries if no, I just wondered.

Cheers and well done
Its a nice idea, but not easy to do with the forum software (smf) as it uses only one jpg for this icon. I'd have to modify the code of the forum.
As a once-upon-a-time member of the Society of Newspaper Design and as a former design award-winning newspaper editor, I've got to say this is a tremendous improvement over the old! (Note: That's not to brag on myself - just to establish credentials)

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