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18 February 2006
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Has someone seen this book? (picture below)
Presented/sold at

I am much interested by the Do 217Z Zwilling… I am almost sure this is not a prototype, if this is just a project, many ones here would be very interested (in case this is just a what-if "modell", what-if modellers like me would be still interested).

No need to scan and post, I am willing to buy this (affordable) book to its publisher. Just, please confirm the Zwilling content: 3-view of project? ;D Photo of model ? :) or just one line mentioning it :(…?


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As my June wages are received, I have ordered, anyway. At least, I could draw it as "dream from..."
(and the webmaster could use this to demonstrate to publishers "we are not sharing data we steal, we are buying books too and sharing our enthusiasm to buy")


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Hi Tophe,

even if it has not a 3-view, please let us know about that Do217Z once you receive the book. Also, I have searched my books, especially Manfred Griehl`s book on the Do217 family, but no answers on the Z variant. Bye.
thanks to Babel Fish translater:
"Good day, we try still,/the following articles, which ordered you on 28 June 2008 10,09 MEST (part number #), to procure: Karl-Heinz Regnat (author) " From the original to the model: Dornier DO 217" Unfortunately is difficult this article to get. Does your interest in this article continue to exist? We try straight to refer the article still for you. Please have still little patience. We cannot guarantee however that the article is still available. If you the waiting period becomes for a long time, you can cancellation the order naturally at any time, as long as them are not in the dispatch process."
Have a try here :

I've found the book three times, prices ranging from 13,90 €
to 16,79 €, one seller accepzs paypal ... ;)
Thanks Jemiba, but I think I will wait awhile, because I am even unsure to know how to cancel from German Amazon, translating each sentence one by one... If in one week I have received nothing, I will try to cancell and follow your steps (translating again and again...), thanks.
;DGood news... Babel Fish translated into: "Good day, our logistics center sent the article away standing down! The dispatch takes place over: Deutsche Post."
Sorry for bothering you with this order details, but if some of you are (like me) much interested by this Do217Z, they can breath again... ;)
Hi Tophe,

these are good news. Can`t wait for it.
I have received the book... ;D
1/ no picture of the Do 17Z :(
2/ only 4 lines about it :(
3/ translated, it is not a Zwilling :( : Dornier DO 217 Z (provisional designation) Here it acted not over one the numerous projects "Zwilling", which often carried the identification "Z", but around the provisional designation of the night fighters DO 217 J-l and J-2.
4/ the rest of the book is rather nice with many versions 3-views and photographs :)
As a whole, I am a little disappointed... :(
The Wikipedia article for the Dornier Do 217 ( also concurs with the fact that Do 217Z was the original designation of the Do 217J. I wonder if the above-mentioned Do 217 book made a mistake interpreting Z in Do 217Z as standing for "Zwilling", because the night fighter version of the Do 17 was called Do 17Z.
The Do 17Z wasn't actually the night fighter modification, but the bomber version, which was built in the highest number of all Do 17 marks.
It was the first variant, which got the redesigned cockpit section, often referred to as "Kampfkopf". There were several sub versions, the Z-7
and Z-10 actually were the night fighters Kauz I/Kauz II (owlet), see for example ,
as I have no printed sources at hand in the moment.

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