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28 January 2008
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Hello everybody

I have found a picture of the DKM 44 !
Old link removed!
Many grettings


"The article's description of the nuclear cannon is correct. This was a German invention and was under development in Germany during the latter stages of the war. A prototype was even built and it carried the German designation of DKM 44 (1). This very cannon was copied by the Americans and became the T-131 which fired a nuclear warhead (2)."

It claims that germans developed a nuclear cannon and US later copied it. To me, this seems to be just another addition to nazis-invented-everything/UFO myth. There might have been plans for DKM-44, but i really doubt that it was meant to be nuclear.
Hi FarSight

I think exactly the same! It is a real project with a little bit fiction (about the A-Bomb)!

Many greetings
That whole page reads like a neo-nazi fever dream...

Wunderwaffen and General Franco?. ;D
That's simply false. Who invented that is disinformed or ignorant about Spanish History. May be nice stuff for a low quality movie but not here.

Gentlemen, we're trying to build up an objective, high quality and reference forum on unbuilt "real" projects. There are other fora...


Dusenkanone Marine 44

I managed found a reference to a recoilless coastal gun:

"28.0 cm Düsenkanone Marine 44 Development started in 1943, only one prototype built."

No photos or anything else, however...
Recoilless 28 cm, sounds like something I read in Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Attack Planes... Just a sec

Here I have it:

Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack and Special Purpose Aircraft

P262:Düsenkanone Düka 280 Bordwaffe. To be carried by the Ju 288 as a one shot weapon against heavily fortified targets, such as armored ships.

There seems to have been another Düsenkanone (jet-cannon?) of 88 variety with revolver type magazine for aircraft.

This reminds me of a somewhat similar American WWII recoilless weapon 105mm T9E2. I have seen just one description of this weapon and it seems to have been a special version of normal 105mm T9 recoilless howitzer with addition of autoloader and it was meant for some type attack aircraft. Firefly, could you shine your light on this or any other allied experimental recoilless weapon?

I have always been more interested in allied secret weapons than this nazi stuff...
More info about heavy cannon on aircraft:,736.0/highlight,düsenkanone.html
"Mit Atomgranaten gegen alle feindlichen Armeen und der Sieg wäre noch 1945 möglich gewesen."

For gods sake.. :'(
Please see attached some german heavy airguns stuff
-BK 3.7
-MK 112
-MK 214
-BK 5
-BK 75


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Please see attached some german heavy airguns stuff
-DüKa 88


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Please see attached some german heavy airguns stuff

-DüKa 280


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Please see attached some german heavy airguns stuff

-Gerät 104


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Thus most is said. It is more than probable that recoilless land designs would at least be based on the designs shown above, and in the other thread.

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