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1 December 2006
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Does anybody have any idea how much money was spent to develop Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab Gripen during each period below?

1) from the launch of the program (when?) to the first flight in March 1994

2) from the first flight in 1994 to the RAF Typhoon F2's initial operating capability in 2006

3) from the launch in June 1982 to the first flight in December 1988

4) from the first flight in 1988 to the JAS-39A Gripen's initial operating capability in 1998

What I am looking for are rough figures for making a flyable aircraft (just fly, does nothing else - no radar, no weapon, etc) and a combat ready (although air-to-air only) fighter from that flyable aircraft.

Thanks in advance,
Don't know about the Gripen, but at least for the Eurofighter, that's probably a question,
which is extremely difficult to answer. The oldest figure, I've found gave the german part
of the development costs as 886 million euros, which was changed then to 2,85 billion €
(about 2002, I think), although there were rumours, that actually costs would rise to at least
200% of the last figure. AFAIK, in the moment there's an agreement between the german
government and industry, to lock the maximum development costs to 4,39 billion € ...
To lock development costs ? By which way this could be done ?? If you look into the Air
International special about the Eurofighter, you'll get an idea about it. The german version is
the least capable, many systems, or system integrations still are missing. Probably everything
will be add later, as an "update", or "life extension program", or under just another name, but
not designated as "development".
And, as you can easily find out, all those figures stated above aren't really trustworthy, as they
are just political figures.
And if you'll get real figures and post them here, or elsewhere, you might easily become a case
for the secret service, I'm afraid !
You can tell the data and capabilities of a weapon,but you should never talkl about the costs ! ;D

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