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30 June 2009
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Yet another strange, intruiging design. I took this from Wiki:
The Neopup PAW-20 (Personal Assault Weapon, 20 mm) is a grenade launcher designed by Tony Neophytou and is marketed by Denel.

The PAW-20 is a hand-held, semi-automatic grenade launcher that fires a 20 mm point detonating round. It holds up to seven rounds in a conventional box magazine, each having an effective range of 300–400 metres. Its main use is against soldiers that are closely grouped or behind light cover. The weapon can also fire non-lethal payloads. The PAW-20 is in direct competition with the more complicated and expensive American XM25.[citation needed]

There has been criticism concerning the ejection port of the weapon, due to the shells being ejected near the firer's face which is said to produce hazards for the firer, but, in fact, poses no more hazard than most conventional assault rifles being fired left-handed. The PAW-20 even has the unique ability to be fired from the left shoulder for a right-handed operator by simply placing the butt on the left shoulder, with no hand swapping necessary. This allows the user the very important advantage of being able to fire from around or under cover which cannot be said for a number of bullpup weapons such as the Steyr AUG or the SA 80. The right-handed pistol grip location allows the weapon to recoil unimpeded into the butt stock this is what allows the weapon to fire a very heavy projectile at the high velocity it does for a grenade launcher.

20x42mm cartridge
The advantage of this new cartridge specially developed for this weapon over the 40 mm grenade currently used in similar hand-held grenade launchers such as the Milkor MGL (M32 MGL) is the smaller size of the round which results in a more compact weapon and users being able to carry more rounds.

The round also has a muzzle velocity of 305 m/s (1,000 ft/s) which is four times faster than the 76 m/s (250 ft/s) of typical 40 mm grenades. This results in a much shorter flight time and flatter trajectory.
razor said:
If you are going to war with oil drums thats the weapon to have - otherwise there is better stuff about

You never know...


But seriously thanks for the highly informed comment. I'm sure the South Africans behind the PAW would be awe inspired to hear your opinions and experience about infantry fire support.
My article about it:

I met the designer some years ago and had the opportunity to discuss the weapon with him.
Good news:
Graugrun said:
An update from DefenceWeb on the PAWS 20mm support weapon - seems it has already been produced and sold to two international buyers, however the reason for my posting this is the further development, including a fully automatic version and different (new?) ammunition (PAWS is now called Inkunzi - Zulu, meaning Bull).


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