Dassault/Sagem Slow-Fast UAV


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4 May 2008
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LowObservable said:
The Slow-Fast has been plus mort q'une bogue de merde for a couple of years, as they say in Paris, Texas.

;D That's an expression they failed to teach me in the French Lycee I attended!
Very interesting tactical reconnaissance plane in the 500 kg class with the speeds from Mach 1,6 to 120 knots. Originated in Dassault AVE-C unmanned vehicle with the aim to be mass produced for the french army. Dassault joined the Sagem and for that purpose they created "Dassault-Sagem Tactical UAV" company. The program is dead now, but does anybody have any detailed information about it and why it was cancelled?


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From 2005 edition of Directory: unmanned air vehicles by Flight International:

Joint development programme for a new generation
high-speed, deep penetration, low-altitude
reconnaissance UAV that would normally
operate at 1,000ft. UAV was proposed in 2003
as the basis of a combined Dassault-Sagem bid
for the French Army’s former multimission,
multi sensor (MCMM) requirement. However
MCMM programme was subsequently cancelled
late in 2004. Design evolved from
Dassault AVE subscale UCAV demonstrator.
Preliminary technical information points to
a 3h endurance air vehicle that would fl y at
216km/h in slow fl ight profi le and 720km/h
in fast profi le. Payload capacity is around 50kg.
Development continuing.
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