DARPA's hits and misses



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Combat Zones that See (CTS)
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_Zones_That_See
- http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0328,shachtman,45399,1.html

Hope this one don't get implemented as it would eliminate all freedom of privacy, but it is a DARPA idea...
A growing number of governments hope to clone America’s DARPA | The Economist

It is the agency that shaped the modern world, and this success has spurred imitators. In America there are ARPAs for homeland security, intelligence and energy, as well as the original defence one. President Joe Biden has asked Congress for $6.5bn to set up a health version, which will, the president vows, “end cancer as we know it”. His administration also has plans for another, to tackle climate change. Germany has recently established two such agencies: one civilian (the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, or SPRIN-D) and another military (the Cybersecurity Innovation Agency). Japan’s version is called Moonshot R&D. In Britain, a bill for an Advanced Research and Invention Agency—often referred to as UK ARPA—is making its way through parliament.


As Arun Majumdar, founding director of ARPA-E, America’s energy agency, puts it: “If every project is succeeding, you’re not trying hard enough... People who are at the cutting edge know what the cutting edge is. Others do not.”


Without freedom from political interference, the risk-taking instincts of those at the cutting edge are curbed.


The lesson many have learnt from DARPA is that mere difficulty is no reason to avoid something. It may even be a reason to do it.


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