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Claude Capitrel Experimental Aircraft Project of 1954


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May 26, 2006
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From Ailes 1/1954,

here is an experimental aircraft Project,designed by Mr. Claude Capitrel,served as a navigator in the Air Force,of France logically,he created an airplane with a sliding turbojet engine as Google translate.


WE have recently had a preliminary draft of jet aircraft designed by Mr. Claude Capitrel, who served as a navigator in the Air Force and who, with the help of a few technicians and friends, studied a system for modifying the centering of flight.

The worry had come to him in the plan to improve the qualities flight and the performance of
planes without stabilizers aerodynamic and, in particular,that of flying wings or wings in <delta>

The wing load of such devices and necessarily low relative to conventional performance aircraft because
it is necessary to count with the effect produced by the robbery high lift flaps moment of landing and at
course of evolutions.

The lowering of these flaps determines, indeed, a biting moment
that we can not compensate aerodynamically.