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25 June 2009
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Years ago, I attempted to make a detailed list of every aircraft produced under the Canadian branch of Vickers Aircraft between 1922 and 1941. All of these aircraft were identified by constructor's numbers (c/n) starting with "CV." followed by chronologically sequential numbers from 1 up to at least 236. Several c/n numbers are still unknown to me, so if anyone could add to this list, we could wind up with a complete one. I'll give only the general allocation numbers here, no details on registrations and dates, but they are all available in my Excel file for anyone with an interest in these. Missing numbers are marked in red.
  • no c/n: Type 69 Viking IV (c/n 18)
  • CV.1-8: Vickers Type 85 Viking IV
  • CV.9: Vickers Vedette I
  • CV.10-14: Avro 552A Anson
  • CV.15-19: ?
  • CV.20-28: Avro 552A Anson
  • CV.29: Avro 504N
  • CV.30: Vickers Varuna
  • CV.31-35: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.36: Vickers Vanessa I/II
  • CV.37-39: Vickers Varuna II
  • CV.40-41: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.42-43: Vickers Vista
  • CV.44: Vickers Vigil
  • CV.45: Vickers Velos
  • CV.46-49: Vickers Varuna II
  • CV.50-54: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.55-56: (probably two more Vickers Vedette)
  • CV.57-58: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.59: Avro 504NS
  • CV.60-70: Avro 504N
  • CV.71-73: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.74-75: Vickers Vedette I
  • CV.76: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.77: Curtiss Lark (c/n L79-1-1/5)
  • CV.78-82: ?
  • CV.83: Fairchild FC-2/51A
  • CV.84: Fairchild FC-2/-2L
  • CV.85: Fairchild FC-2
  • CV.86: Fairchild FC-2/51
  • CV.87: ?
  • CV.88: Fairchild FC-2
  • CV.89: ?
  • CV.90: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV-91-92: Vickers Vedette V
  • CV.93: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.94-97: ?
  • CV.98-99: Vickers Vedette V
  • CV.100-101: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.102: Fairchild FC-2 > 51
  • CV.103-105: Fairchild FC-2
  • CV.106: ?
  • CV.107: Vickers Vancouver I
  • CV.108: Vickers HS-3L
  • CV.109: (possibly another Vickers HS-3L)
  • CV.110: Vickers HS-3L
  • CV.111-112: Fairchild FC-2
  • CV.113-117: ?
  • CV.118: Vickers Vedette II
  • CV.119-121: ?
  • CV.122-129: Vickers Vedette V
  • CV.130: Vickers Vedette Va
  • CV.131-145: Fokker Super Universal
  • CV.146-148: Vickers Vedette V
  • CV.149: Vickers Vedette Va
  • CV.150-151: Vickers Vedette V
  • CV.152: Curtiss HS-2L (former Lowe-Willard-Fowler c/n 185)
  • CV.153-154: Vickers Vedette
  • CV.155-161: Vickers Vedette Va
  • CV.162-163: Vickers Vedette VI
  • CV.164-168: Vickers Vancouver II
  • CV.169: ?
  • CV.170: Vickers Vedette VAM
  • CV.171-176: Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker 31
  • CV.177-179: Northrop Delta Mk. I/IA
  • CV.180-183: Northrop Delta Mk. II
  • CV.184-190: Supermarine Stranraer
  • CV.191-203: Northrop Delta Mk. II
  • CV.204-236: Supermarine Stranraer
NOTE: I do not have any higher numbers, although it is safe to assume that the PBV-1 Canso production used subsequent numbers. 30 were built at the main Vickers plant, and 282 more at the Cartierville (later Canadair) plant.
NOTE: I do not have any higher numbers, although it is safe to assume that the PBV-1 Canso production used subsequent numbers. 30 were built at the main Vickers plant, and 282 more at the Cartierville (later Canadair) plant.

Excellent work, Stéphane!

Yes, Canadian Vickers-built Canso As, Catalinas, PBV-1/PBV-1As, and OA-10A all had CV construction numbers assigned. These begin with Canso A CV.240 (RCAF serial 9806) ... which leaves the 'missing' Canadian Vickers c/n group of CV.237-through-239 as a mystery.

Canadian Vickers construction numbers for Consolidated Model 28-5AMC

CV.240-303: Canso A amphibians for the RCAF (x 24)
- CV.240-269: RCAF serials 9806-9835
- CV.270-278: RCAF serials 9836-9844
- CV.279-303: RCAF serials 11001-11025

CV.304-307: PBV-1A amphibians (first block; x 4) [1]
- CV.304-307: USN Bu.No 67832/67835; to USAAF*
-- * USAAF serials 44-33868 through 44-33871

CV.308-321: Canso As amphibians for the RCAF
- CV.308-321: RCAF serials 11026-11039

CV.322-328: USN PBV-1A transferred to USAAF
- CV.322-324: USN Bu.No 67836/67838
- CV.325-328: USN Bu.No unknown/unknown
- CV.322-328: USAAF serials 44-33872 - 44-33878

CV.329-449: PBY-1a/OA-10A and RCAF Canso As
- CV.329-449: BuNo. 67832-67914 = total 120 a/c
- CV.329-449: Odd numbers for RCAF Canso As
- CV.329-449: RCAF serials 11040-11100 (x 109)*
-- NB: RCAF also received OA-10As from this block
- CV.330-448: Even no.s for USN; to USAAF (x 122)
- CV.330-448: USAAF serials 44-33879 - 44-33938

CV-450-608: PBY-1a/OA-10A & RAF Catalina IVBs
- CV.450-608: BuNo. 67914-68061 = total 148 a/c
- CV.450-608: USAAF serials 44-33939 - 44-34097
-- Some became Lend-Lease a/c, eg: FT998 & FT999

Note that 150 x BuNo were issued for PBV-1A (BuNo. 03563-03712) which were never built. As there are no big gaps in the Canadian Vickers construction numbers, I assume that no CV numbers were ever assigned.

Canadair also completed OA-10As (as CL-1s) later in 1944 but I'm assumed that those airframes were covered by the BuNo. 67914-68061 sequence. As such, they were retained 'CV' numbers rather than being assigned Canadair 'CL' series construction numbers.

Sources: Most now forgotten but all online, including ...

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