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British Built Aircraft Series


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Oct 2, 2009
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Chaps, This may be thought to be a bit old hat (and I'm a little reluctant to promote my own efforts) but if you are not aware of the series, British Built Aircraft is a regional survey of aircraft built in Britain from 1908 to ~2005, when the series was completed. Each volume starts with a summary of the evolution of the industry, followed by a county-by-county review of aircraft manufacturers and their products. There will be titbits to interest many, given my particular interest in the obscure.
Volume 1 - Greater London; Vol 2 - South West & Central Southern England; Vol 3 - South East England; Vol 4 - Central & Eastern England; Vol 5 - Northern England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.
Vol 2 is currently out of print but, apparently, The History Press intend to reprint it later this year. You should be able to find the rest on Amazon.co.uk There are plenty of photos - many never published before - and contemporary advertising material is also used.
Apologies if it's out of order to mention one's own work, but this was quite a pleasing outcome from my successful entry (in a Hornet Moth) in the 1994 Dawn to Dusk flying competition. - We flew round Britain over locations where aircraft used to be built by companies that no longer exist. 625 nm in the day on a route with 40 turning points. Praise or brickbats equally welcome.