British Built Aircraft Series


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2 October 2009
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Chaps, This may be thought to be a bit old hat (and I'm a little reluctant to promote my own efforts) but if you are not aware of the series, British Built Aircraft is a regional survey of aircraft built in Britain from 1908 to ~2005, when the series was completed. Each volume starts with a summary of the evolution of the industry, followed by a county-by-county review of aircraft manufacturers and their products. There will be titbits to interest many, given my particular interest in the obscure.
Volume 1 - Greater London; Vol 2 - South West & Central Southern England; Vol 3 - South East England; Vol 4 - Central & Eastern England; Vol 5 - Northern England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.
Vol 2 is currently out of print but, apparently, The History Press intend to reprint it later this year. You should be able to find the rest on There are plenty of photos - many never published before - and contemporary advertising material is also used.
Apologies if it's out of order to mention one's own work, but this was quite a pleasing outcome from my successful entry (in a Hornet Moth) in the 1994 Dawn to Dusk flying competition. - We flew round Britain over locations where aircraft used to be built by companies that no longer exist. 625 nm in the day on a route with 40 turning points. Praise or brickbats equally welcome.
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