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6 September 2006
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Pp80 and 81 of "The Brabazon Committee and British airliners 1945-1960 by Mike Phipp. Tempus 2007 list several intriguing airliner projects. I've tried "search" here without success. Can anyone do any better, or provide any details or especially drawings, 3-view or artist's impressions?

Vickers VC2 Viscount BEA project 40 seat with 2 Centaurus and with 4 Merlin.
Armstrong Whitworth Apollo variants:
AW55 Achilles (earlier) 30 seats over 1130 miles at 280mph 4 1010hp Mamba
Sept 1947 4 P&W Twin Wasps or Merlins
Apollo II 1946 modified wings, 4 Derwent V, 375mph over 1000 miles

Blackburn B55 (Darts) and B65 (Mambas from the context)
Handley Page a variety of designs culminating in the HP78
Shorts S43
These 3 were all Mamba powered submissions Oct 1945 to MAP to Brabazon IIB, for which the Apollo was selected
Blackburn B.55 and B.65,
from Jackson, "Blackburn Aircraft Since 1909", Putnam


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Every thing about the Brabazon types 1 to 5 is in
chapter 2 of 'Stuck on the Drawing Board'
Richard Payne- Tempus 2004.

descriptions and illustrations.
pages 15 to 29.

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