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27 December 2005
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Cool! :)

Since 1962 the American military has used a standardized system to designate the aerial weapons systems used by the various organisations that make up the Department of Defense. While a small number of missile systems were designated yet never built, most made it to a full-scale mock-up stage, and these, as well as the fully operational missiles, are illustrated with photographs depicting each missile, frequently in launch mode.

This book also examines the missiles that are not weapons. Target drones, aerial decoys, and reconnaissance missiles have now been given their own designation series, but in 1962 they were placed in the ‘M for Missile’ grouping. This meant that thermonuclear warheads such as the LGM-118 Peacekeeper were listed together with target drones the size of large model airplanes.

Sounds like the book attempts to include all the xxM-designated missile and drone systems. This basic idea appears vaguely familiar ;D ... Mr. Nicklas should have written the book six years ago - would have saved me some effort ::).
Yes, since if the contents want to be conformal to the "Secret Projects Forum Standard" (SPFS for short) the author had to do AN AWFUL LOT of research... :-\
Skybolt said:
Yes, since if the contents want to be conformal to the "Secret Projects Forum Standard" (SPFS for short) the author had to do AN AWFUL LOT of research... :-\

Since the book size is listed as 336 pages, and the missile designation series has reached #172, there are ~2 pages on average per missile. Including illustrations! This means that there can't be that much information on each design. On the other hand, if it's a large format volume, and the size of print is not too big, a lot can be packed into two pages. Obviously, I hope it to be a bit more in-depth than what I have on my website ;). And as for the amount of research ... I really hope that Mr. Nicklas has done some new research, because "simply" extracting data from existing secondary sources will yield all kinds of embarrassing errors and omissions ::).
Actually a lot exists in open sources. Problem is that that sources are only available if you go directly at the archives and consult them there (and if you are a US national...). For example, there is a lot of info on post-Minuteman ICBM developments. Some has started to appear in USAF master degree thesis, some of which are available (paying...). A lot can be achieve if you have the patience of browsing old AW&ST issues and other now defunct magazines. I gathered myself a lot more info on the MMRBM than is currently available in that way, for example. Ditto on the "Recallable ICBM" (Study Requirement 199A). But the REAL stuff stays undigged.
Any idea on what happened to this ? I presume that it went lost in the gyrations of Greenhill....
Granted. But, any news regarding WHEN the book will be (if ever) available ???
I have a great interest in ICBM/SLBM development can any one tell me whether the Barbara Levi book "The Future of Land Based Strategic Missiles" is worth the $80 price at Amazon?

I say as I wait patiently for this book to be published :D
American Missiles: The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide
Product Description

This remarkable guide provides for the first time an illustrated listing of almost 200 of America's most powerful missiles. With information on all aspects of the missile's specifications, including the speed and capacity of the explosives used in its warhead, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the US Army's projectile hardware. 'American Missiles: The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide' draws heavily on the Herbert S. Desind Photo Collection, a resource of more than 110,000 images recently catalogued at the National Air and Space Museum. Of interest to both the specialist and the aviation enthusiasts, this book demonstrates the evolution of American missile design over the last forty years in an accessible and entertaining format.

Product Details

* Hardcover: 336 pages
* Publisher: Frontline Books (April 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1848325177
* ISBN-13: 978-1848325173


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