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"The newly announced aircraft has garnered interest from new and existing customers for medical transport, cargo delivery, and future passenger services. This includes Air New Zealand, which intends to order three eCTOLs with an option for 20 more."

I wonder what routes Air New Zealand could find this aircraft suitable for ? Sightseeing flights ?
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Sounds like Beta is putting their eVTOL plans on the backburner.
More like seizing an opportunity. Having demonstrated the platform can do reasonably effective distances, someone likely asked the logical question of why wait on the VTOL effort? I suspect that they will continue to work on the eVTOL, but a positive cash flow makes investors happy.
But why should you buy such a cumbersome and compromised design with no real operational advantages and, in all certainties, a high price tag?
Here is my own awnser:

I did not fly the thing personally (however some Pipistrel design), but I have seen it operating from a very rough short field and it... Works (guy did scenary flight in Hungary).
Very fragile, very light, probably not comfortable with a pilot on your side reaching, I guess, well over 40, but, cheap, on time and with good performances.

So, I don't know what Beta is expecting here. Even fried chickens don't fly.

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