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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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Before you create a new topic please

1) Search the forum and make sure there isn't a topic already.

2) Think about what you are posting. Try to post a sensible topic, like a specific ship, or manufacturer, or country. Try to make the title descriptive.
For those making new posts here is a handy guide to where certain topics fit best.

The Secret Naval section is intended for ships/submarines/unmanned craft - these should mostly be unbuilt projects/design studies but historical research is welcome too.
Discussions of modern active warships and deployments should go in the Military section.
Missiles and gun projects should go into the Secret Missile, Bomb and Gun Projects section.
Radars/electronics should go into the Avionics and Military/Naval electronics section.
Any member-generated artwork or modelling should go into the User Artwork and Models section.
Anything what-if or member's technical ideas and musings belongs in the speculative or alternate history sections.

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