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26 May 2006
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the Bedek (IAI) designed in 1950s a business jet aircraft called B.101, does anyone
have a drawing to it please.
Do you mean this type, which was dsigned in collaboration
with Fouga and with a similar layout to the Magister ?

(From: Planeus et Avions, Castello/Lerard)


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My dear Jemiba,

I think this was it,because in my source they suggested that it was
designed with some help of Fouga.
The pilot with the stony face ... :D

This is the original picture of the initial mock-up, published in Arnold Sherman's "Lightning in the Skies - The Story of Israel Aircraft Industries". Even the reflection of the engine nacelle is visible on the side of the fuselage in both illustrations.


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And here ,from "Les Ailes" and "Aviation Magazine" of early 60'' the same with a new tail and a new name :

"Israeli Aircraft Industries Ltd (IAI) B-101 C"

Btw , IAI built the Magister under licence


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"IAI: Ten Years' Hard Work in Israel", Flight, 26 March 1964, pg 466

"For several years previously design work had been in hand on the B-101 twin-jet executive aircraft. The prototype was well advanced in 1962, but the programme was terminated last year in view of the scant possibility of it ever showing an overall profit."

One wonders what qualifies as "well advanced". Was prototype construction actually begun? The phrase suggests more than just a mock-up. But can it be trusted?
IAI had already built the balance of 50 Fouga CM-170 Magisters (12 were from kits using French components). Only 36 of what was remaining of that 50 were built, the rest came from West Germany. But experience with the Magister formed the basis of the first IAI-designed aircraft, the B-101 business jet.

The B-101 kept the wings and V-tail of the Magister combined with new fuselage. But they soon found out that the need for a cruise speed of Mach 0.8 didn't match up with the wings and tail of the Magister, so redesigns followed that involved five major configurations. One of them was a trijet.

Project was canceled in May 1963 before any metal was cut.

Air Enthusiast, September/October 2003. "Golden Heritage- Israeli Aircraft Industries at 50" by Shlomo Aloni, p17.
Re: Bedek B-101C twin-engine business jet project......

Dear Boys and Girls, here is an article in French about the Bedek B-101C twin-engine business jet "project"; finished airframes would have been flown overseas for final completion......

The article comes from the 28th April 1961 issue of Les Ailes......

Terry (Caravellarella)


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Greetings All -

From the Fall 1961 issue of Air Progress....

Might have the Aero Commander Model 1121 Westwind/ IAI Model 1124 killed this project?

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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Yes, the Aero Commander/IAI Westwind replaced this biz-jet project.
After North American Rockwell bought out Aero Commander, they found themselves manufacturing two competing biz-jets: Aero Commander (mid-wing) and Sabre-liner(low-wing). To avoid anti-trust laws, NAR sold the Westwind to IAI. IAI built a few hundred Westwinds before converting production to the Astra, which looks like a Westwind updated with a swept, low-wing, etc.
You can see designer Ted Smith's influence continue through the entire A-20, A-26, Aero Commander twins, Piper Aerostar, Westwind and Astra line.
I don't know where I saw a drawing to a modern version with minor changes,such as a swept wing and refined
cabin,but where ?.

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